Flagon (フラゴン Furagon?) was a member of the Scout Regiment and a section commander (分隊長 Bun-taichō?, lit. "leader of a squad") at the time Levi Ackermann, Furlan Church and Isabel Magnolia joined the Military. He disliked the idea of allowing the trio of former thugs to join the Scout Regiment, especially because they were assigned to his squad and were from the Underground city.[1]


He was a slim young man with short, blond, partially disheveled hair, and a thin beard. He was frequently seen showing an expression of disgust due to his dislike towards Levi, Furlan, and Isabel; and their actions in the Scout Regiment.


Flagon seemed to be a person who valued things according to formal standards. Since he opposed from the beginning to accept Levi and his friends into the Scout Regiment, due to their past as thugs, and scolded Levi for not holding the blades in the usual way. However, he acknowledged Levi's skills after seeing his abilities in action.


A Choice with No Regrets: Part Two

Flagon disapproves the recruitment

Flagon disapproves the recruitment of Levi, Furlan, and Isabel

Flagon is first seen in a meeting between the leaders of the Scout Regiment, opposing Erwin's proposal to recruit Levi, Furlan, and Isabel. Believing that the soldiers' morale would be tainted if they were allowed. He shows an upset expression after the commander, Keith Sadies, accepts the proposal despite his complaints.

When Keith assigns the trio to his squad, he again shows displeasure and asks why they were not assigned to Erwin's squad. Keith replies that Erwin was already tasked with the soldiers' formation.[1]

Flagon is intimidated

Flagon is intimidated by Levi

Flagon leads the new recruits to their room, and tells them to try to keep the place clean, insinuating that they do not have good hygiene because they had been living in the underground.[1] Levi is annoyed by the insinuation, and becomes belligerent. Before the two can come to blows, Furlan intervenes and offers Flagon an apology, and Flagon leaves after informing them of tomorrow's training and scolding Furlan for not making the salute correctly.

The next day, during Levi's training, he scolds Levi for not holding the blades properly and asks if he wants to die. Though Levi replies that Flagon might be the one dead, and says he will do it his own way; leaving Flagon angered. After Levi showed his abilities in omni-directional mobility gear and the effectiveness of his particular style, Flagon seeming impressed but contemplates whether they can truly welcome him with open arms.[1]

Not long after leaving the safety of the Walls, a Titan is spotted, and a group is sent to kill it. At the same time, an Abnormal Titan emerges from the forest, heading straight for the supply cart. Flagon's squad is ordered to deal with it. Three soldiers attack it, but one is quickly grabbed. Seeing an opening a soldier attempts to go for it is nape, but is swung around and bit by the Titan.[1] Flagon prepares to attack it, but Levi races forward with Furlan and Isabel following his lead. To Flagon's amazement, they work together to dispatch of the Titan.

Flagon dead

Flagon's corpse after the battle

The scouts are forced to slow down when a storm sets in, with the heavy rain rendering signal flares useless. Flagon's group is soon set upon by an abnormal Titan, and Flagon is killed while engaging it. After the Titan is dispatched by Levi, Erwin finds Flagon's body before leaving it.[1]


  • As of Season 2 of the anime, Flagon and Hannes share the same voice actor.