Flagon Turret (フラゴン・ターレット Furagon Tāretto?) was a member of the Survey Corps and squad leader (分隊長 Bun-taichō?, lit. "leader of a squad") at the time Levi, Furlan Church and Isabel Magnolia joined the Military. He disliked the idea of allowing the trio of former thugs join the Survey Corps, especially because they were assigned to his squad and they were from the Underground City.


He was a slim young man with short, blond, partially disheveled hair, and a thin beard. He was frequently seen showing an expression of disgust due to his dislike towards Levi, Furlan, and Isabel and their actions in the Survey Corps.


Flagon seemed to be a person who valued things according to formal standards. Since he opposed from the beginning to accept Levi and his friends into the Survey Corps, due to their past as thugs, and scolded Levi for not holding the blades in the usual way. However, he acknowledged Levi's skills after seeing his abilities in action.

Despite his personal feelings about their enlistment, he valued each and every soldier in his care. When their squad was attacked by Titans, he ignored Furlan's demand to give up; determined to save their lives even at the risk of his own life.[2] Shortly before his death, he expressed his understanding of Erwin's motives for recruiting them.


Attack on Titan: No Regrets

Flagon was first seen in a meeting between the leaders of the Survey Corps, opposing Erwin's proposal to recruit Levi, Furlan, and Isabel. Believing that the soldiers' morale would be tainted if they were allowed. He showed an upset expression after the commander, Keith Shadis, accepted the proposal despite his complaints.

When Keith assigned the trio to his squad, he again showed displeasure and asked why they were not assigned to Erwin's squad. Keith replied that Erwin was already tasked with the soldiers' formation.[3] Flagon then led the new recruits to their new room and told them to try to keep the place clean, insinuating that they did not have good hygiene because they had been living in the underground.[4] This angered Levi, who was actually a clean freak and had just found dirt behind one of the beds.

Levi Confronts Flagon

Levi confronts Flagon about his snide remark

Levi gave him a menacing look, scaring Flagon, who asked how he dares to approach a superior officer with that attitude. However, Furlan intervened and offered Flagon an apology, and the latter left after informing them of tomorrow's training and scolding Furlan for not making the salute correctly.

The next day, during Levi's training, he scolded Levi for not holding the blades properly and asked if he wanted to die. Though Levi replied that Flagon might be the one dead, and said he will do it his own way; leaving Flagon angered. After Levi showed his abilities in vertical maneuvering equipment and the effectiveness of his particular style. Flagon seeming impressed contemplates whether they can truly welcome him with open arms.[5]

Not long after leaving the safety of the Walls does a mild argument between Levi and Sairam break out. Flagon quickly ends it, reminding them to stay in formation and keep watch for Titans, stating, "there's a difference between practice and the real thing."[6] A Titan is spotted shortly after, and a group is sent to kill it. At the same time, an Abnormal Titan emerges from the forest, heading straight for the supply cart. Flagon's squad is ordered to deal with it. Three soldiers attack it, but one is quickly grabbed. Seeing an opening a soldier attempts to go for it is nape, but is swung around and bit by the Titan.[7] Flagon and Sairam prepare to attack it, but Levi races forward with Furlan and Isabel following his lead. To Flagon's amazement, they work together to dispatch of the Titan.

After arriving at some old ruins that they'll be using as a resting point. Flagon goes over the formation and emergency procedures again with Levi, Furlan, and Isabel. He mentions how important it is for them to pay attention. He goes on to tell them the true state the Survey Corps is in. Not with just the citizens, but the parliament and other Military branches as well. he is adamant that with the new formation the expedition will be a success.[8]

Flagon is grabbed

Flagon is grabbed by a Titan

The next day they continue the expedition, but are slowed down when a storm sets in; heavy rain made using signal flares useless. He yells for them to stay in formation, but quickly loses sight of the three. The next time he sees them, Levi is missing. They begin to discuss his whereabouts, but are quickly overrun by Titans. Sairam is killed before Flagon's eyes, causing him to continue calling out to him in disbelief, prompting Furlan to demand they retreat; but in the blink of an eye, his horse falls on top of him. Isabel steps in before the Titan can get to Furlan, but slips when going in for the Titan's nape. She is quickly eaten by another Titan, leaving only Furlan and Flagon left.

Furlan's equipment malfunctions, but Flagon steps in just in time. Unfortunately, he is grabbed while giving Furlan and anyone else alive orders to retreat.[9] Unable to fight back, the Titan bites his head off.



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