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Dimo Reeves
Quote1.png Starting from today...I, Flegel Reeves, am the new boss. Quote2.png
— Flegel claiming his right in Reeves Company[3]

Flegel Reeves (フレーゲル・リーブス Furēgeru Rībusu?) is the successor and son of Dimo Reeves. After his father's death, he assisted the Survey Corps in their takedown of the Military Police Brigade and then overtook the position of CEO of the Reeves Company.[4]


Flegel is a short young man who possesses a fairly chubby build. He has light, short hair, freckles on his cheeks, and is usually seen wearing a regular black coat with a white shirt, as well as a pair of black pants.


Flegel seems to be a very proud person. He tells what he thinks and he does not shut his mouth for anyone. He has proven himself to be very rude in conversation, speaking disrespectfully to Levi, and casually joking that the man should be serving him tea to show his hospitality. He also came off as rather cowardly, criticizing Levi's treatment of Historia behind the man's back, rather than confronting him face to face. After his father's death at the hands of the Military Police, Flegel was so terrified that he was willing to resign himself to living in hiding in order to stay outside of the Military Police's reach, and was only convinced to take action by Hange Zoë.

With Hange's help, Flegel gained the motivation to fight against the Military Police. Since then, he has proven himself to be rather courageous, allowing himself to be used as bait to draw out members of the Military Police so that Hange could capture them. He has also proved to be rather cunning, being able to manipulate said MP members into admitting to the brigade's crimes in full view of the citizens of Trost. He is also shown to have his father's sense of loyalty, vowing to continue using the Reeves Company to protect the citizens of Trost.


Royal Government arc

Flegel is first shown sitting with his father, grouped with the Special Operations Squad. As a member of the Reeves Company, Flegel is welcomed by Levi. In reply, he rudely says that Levi should be giving out tea if he really wanted to make a proper welcome, much to the shock of the others. Dimo shoves Flegel's head downwards, apologizing for his behavior. Nifa then proceeds to explain the plan to everyone.

Flegel is later shown inside a cave with Dimo, Eren, and Historia. He inquires as to why he and his father are going along with Levi's plan, saying that he would have beaten Levi up if he had raised his hand against Historia for any longer. After Dimo explains why he trusts Levi, Flegel calmly goes outside to urinate.[5] Unfortunately, Flegel is soon greeted by the sight of his father being killed by Kenny Ackerman, causing him to weep in horror while hiding behind a tree.[6]

Flegel is later seen in the Trost District, hiding in an alley to avoid being detected by the Military Police. Without warning, he gets grabbed by Hange who takes him to a rooftop using the vertical maneuvering equipment. Hange introduces themselves and asks Flegel to explain the incident behind his father's death.[7] Flegel explains how his father was killed by a tall man in a black coat (referring to Kenny), and that Eren and Historia were taken away. In response, Hange tells him that the two of them can work together to expose the MP, but Flegel refuses in fear of his life. Regardless, Hange forcibly takes him along with them.[8]

Flegel promises to protect Trost

Sometime later, Flegel is shown fleeing from a group of three armed Military policemen. Eventually, he is cornered by them at a dead end, and is about to be executed. One of the policemen tearfully thanks Flegel, claiming that he would have been killed for letting him escape. Before he shoots, Flegel panics and asks him why his father was killed. Although the policeman is confused as to why Flegel is asking questions at a time like this, he explains how Dimo betrayed the MP, insulting him in the process. Hearing this, Flegel adamantly states that the policeman does not understand anything, and that he chooses to have faith in the people that his father believed in.[9] The policeman, angered by Flegel's words, yells that he should be begging for mercy like a pig, to which Flegel replies by telling him to look above.

Hange and Moblit drop down from the building, knocking out the policemen and saving Flegel's life. Many of the citizens in Trost emerge from the building, one of them saying that they have heard the truth about Dimo Reeves' death and all of them will attest to it. The policeman shouts at the crowd, threatening them and claiming that the news of the incident will not spread for more than three days, but is stopped by Flegel, who sits on his head. He vows to protect Trost and announces himself as the new CEO of the Reeves Company, much to the happiness of the citizens.[10]

Return to Shiganshina arc

On the night before the Survey Corps planned to set out on an expedition to reclaim Wall Maria, one of its team leaders bought meat from Flegel's company as a way to reward the Corps' soldiers. Upon hearing what the meat was for, Flegel alerted the citizens of the Corps' plan to retake Wall Maria, resulting in them all gathering together in support of the Corps on the day of the expedition with him calling out for Hange.[11] After the Survey Corps returned to Wall Rose victorious, Flegel is seen cheering enthusiastically.[12]

War for Paradis arc

With the military's approval, Flegel has the Reeves Company begin investing in the reconstruction of Shiganshina District.

In the year 854, when information revealing that Eren has been detained for disobeying military orders is leaked, and that the military is planning on evacuating Shiganshina District, Flegel, enraged that the work done to rebuild the district is being abandoned, joins an angry mob outside of the military headquarters, demanding that Hange explain what is going on. Hange refuses to answer any questions, and when Flegel tries to make a direct appeal, asking that Hange confirm they can be trusted, he is ignored.[13]


  • "Flegel" is the German word for "flail", its second meaning describes a rude, ill-mannered and inconsiderate (usually male) person.