Floch (フロック Furokku?)[1] is a recruit (新兵 Shinpei?) of the Scout Regiment. He joined the regiment after the crowning of Historia Reiss.


Floch appears to be of medium height with short, tousled red hair. He wears the standard Scout Regiment uniform.


Floch appears to be somewhat lacking in self-awareness, being one of the many Scout Regiment recruits to freely show excitement and even celebrate the upcoming mission to reclaim Wall Maria, seemingly without consideration for the danger that will be involved. He also appears to be somewhat narcissistic, showing an unwillingness to admit that other graduates from the 104th who joined the scouts before him are more experienced than him.


The Uprising arc

During the feast before the expedition to Shiganshina District, Floch overhears Jean Kirschtein badmouthing the new recruits who have transferred to the Scout Regiment and jokingly confronts him, noting that they all trained together in the 104th. Floch is left uneased by Jean's nonchalant attitude toward him, noting that the cadets who joined the scouts after graduation have changed greatly since the last time he saw them. He begins to ask what happened to them, before thinking better of it and leaving.[2]