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Floch (フロック Furokku?) is a 1st year student at Attack Junior High School.


Floch appears to be of average height with short, tousled hair. He wears a sweater over his shirt with dark pants.


Floch is a caring friend as can be seen when he protests Eren and the others' decision to go to Marley Academy.


When Floch finds out that Eren, Armin and the others plan on rescuing Ymir, Annie, Reiner and Bertolt at Marley Academy, he tells them that it is reckless of them to do so and warns them of the perils that befell those who infiltrated the academy.   

Story with Floch waiting for news

Floch and Historia stay back at Attack Junior High School

Later, while Floch and Historia are watching over the school premises, Historia expresses her desire to go to Marley Academy and says that she could not hold herself back anymore.



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