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Quote1.png Everyone here is our enemy. And these are just our enemies' homes. Have you forgotten how much of humanity inside the Walls has been killed by these bastards outside of them?! They ate us alive, you know!! This isn't even close to payback! Quote2.png
— Floch justifies burning down the Liberio internment zone[2]

Floch Forster (フロック・フォルスター Furokku Forusutā?) is a former recruit (新兵 Shinpei?) of the Survey Corps. He joined the regiment before the return to Shiganshina District, where he was assigned to Squad Klaus. Other than Hange Zoë and Squad Levi, he is the only survivor of the battle.[3] After discovering the truth, Floch developed a hatred for humanity outside the Walls.[4] He is one of the Yeagerists and believes Eren is the only one who can save the "New Eldian Empire" (新生エルディア帝国 Shinsei Erudia Teikoku?).[5][6]


Floch appears to be of medium height with short, tousled hair. During the return to Shiganshina, he wears the standard Survey Corps uniform and cloak.

Four years later he has grown a medium top wavy look for his hair while shorter at the bottom. He has not grown much in height but still stands in a similar structure to his peers. During the night raid in Marley, he wears a new black Survey Corps uniform with anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment.


Floch is, by his own admission, a coward.[7] Part of Floch's cowardice seems to stem from a belief that his death should not be "meaningless," as he expressed during the Battle of Shiganshina District.[8] Despite this, Floch has proved himself to be capable of acting courageously. He was willing, despite his fear, to participate in Erwin Smith's suicide charge against the Beast Titan,[9] and was willing to stand up to his fellow soldiers when they suggested allowing Erwin to die in favor of saving the life of Armin Arlert, even going so far as to risk being attacked by Mikasa Ackerman to keep her from taking the Titan injection from Levi.[10]

One of Floch's most evident personality traits is his respect for Erwin Smith. He argued passionately for Erwin to receive the life-saving Titan serum, believing that only Erwin was capable of making the choices necessary to guarantee victory for humanity.[10] He openly criticizes the choice to save Armin over Erwin, and claims that the choice was a result of those involved allowing their emotions to cloud their judgment.[11]

Floch is also very honest with others, to the point of being insensitive. He admits to Hitch that Marlowe must have regretted entering the Survey Corps in his final moments, and informs Armin that most Military personnel who have read the Corps' report from the Shiganshina battle agree that Armin's survival was a mistake.[12] It is possible that Floch's value of the truth stems from his experiences in Shiganshina, as he insists that any future recruits be informed of what they will be signing up for, so that "cowards" like him will know not to join.[13]

He believes that those who cannot give up something important to them for the greater good and refuse to listen to reason are childish. By that virtue, he thinks of those who know when to back off and restrain themselves from acting on their emotions as "adults." This is evident when he criticizes Eren and Levi on their decision to save Armin instead of Erwin, while praising Mikasa, who though acted on impulse at the start, reigned herself in eventually and made the logical choice.[14]

Four years after reclaiming Wall Maria, Floch adopts a more vindictive attitude towards humans outside the Wall; once joining the Yeagerists, Floch becomes even more open to using violence against anyone who is not an Eldian or resists the efforts made by Eren, whether they are Marleyans or even his allies in the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers. Floch is open to conducting scorched earth tactics and is not concerned with collateral damage; he does not hesitate in burning entire city blocks in Liberio to the ground simply to deny resources to the enemy with no thought of the casualties that would result from it. He also points to Eren's willingness to act as a demon by killing civilians and children as an example of their comrades’ willingness to take on the enemy ruthlessly.[15]


The Uprising arc

Floch notes how his 104th class comrades have changed

During the feast before the expedition to Shiganshina District, Floch rhetorically asks Jean Kirstein if 104th recruits and former Garrison members such as himself and his friends are that unreliable. When Jean asks why he and his friends joined the Survey Corps, Floch says the increased propaganda for the Survey Corps after the uprising is what drew them in. He notes how much the 104th soldiers have changed since they had graduated.[16]

Return to Shiganshina arc

Floch, along with other soldiers from the Survey Corps, takes part in the operation to retake Shiganshina District. He walks on foot among two other soldiers and their horses while the rest of the soldiers use their vertical maneuvering equipment to make their way on top of the Wall.[17] They are ambushed by Beast Titan, who appears with an army of Titans and throws a boulder into the side of Wall Maria, causing a collapse that blocks the Survey Corps' entrance to Shiganshina, leaving Floch and the other soldiers unable to enter with their horses.[18] Floch and his squad mates are left in charge of the corps's horses, and are ordered to defend them from any approaching Titans.

Floch reflects on how he thought he would be a brave soldier for joining the Survey Corps

The Beast Titan begins targeting his throws at the soldiers themselves, and Levi orders the recruits to take the horses closer to the Wall, where they can use buildings for cover. Floch begins panicking, and Levi has to force him along to the base of the Wall.[19] Marlowe scolds him for letting some of their horses run away in the attack, but Floch in a frantic state says that it would be pointless to watch them if no one is going to survive for the return home. Thinking back on the recruitment call where he decided to join the Survey Corps, he remarks that he thought he could be a soldier willing to give up his life for humanity, only to realize now that he is not and that his death will be pointless.[20]

When Erwin Smith gives his plan of a suicide charge against the Beast Titan to the recruits, Floch asks if they are going to die and if it is even worth fighting if they are all destined to die anyway. Erwin agrees that they are all likely to die, but he urges the recruits to fight for the good of humanity nonetheless so that the living can give meaning to their deaths. Floch participates in the suicidal charge against the Beast Titan.[21] After Levi attacks and defeats the Beast Titan, Floch stands to his feet as the only known survivor of Erwin's charge. He begins to wander the battlefield searching for anyone else who may have survived.[22]

Floch advocates for Erwin Smith's survival

After finding Erwin wounded and bleeding on the battlefield, Floch treats the Commander's wounds as best he can before pursuing Captain Levi. As Levi prepares to give Eren Yeager the Titan injection needed to heal Armin Arlert, he arrives with Erwin hanging unconscious on his back. While the others begin to argue over who should receive the serum, Floch looks on in confusion.[23] As hostility grows in the group, he gives his opinion that Erwin should be the one to receive the serum, saying that only a "demon" like Erwin can overcome the Titans. He states that ensuring Erwin's survival has become his purpose, but before he can interfere with the situation, Hange Zoë arrives to calm Mikasa's tension. When Eren tries to dissuade Levi from giving Erwin the serum by telling him about Armin's dream to see the ocean, Floch forcibly restrains him to stop him from interfering. Levi orders that he be left alone to inject Erwin, and Floch forcibly moves Eren to another house rooftop. After Armin is given the serum instead of Erwin, Floch is left dismayed and asks Levi why he chose Armin over Erwin.[24]

On top of Shiganshina District's Wall, Floch keeps watch and observes the surrounding area as Eren informs Armin about the events which ensued from the battle.[3]

Floch laments over Erwin's death

As the remaining members of the Survey Corps prepare for a ceremony in their honor, they are approached by Hitch, who has come to watch the ceremony. Jean assures her that Marlowe acted bravely on their mission, and asks Floch to recount the events to her. Floch praises Marlowe for staying calm and encouraging his fellow recruits, even after they had given up hope. However, he then admits that Marlowe likely regretted his actions in his final moments. As Hitch leaves, an appalled Jean demands to know why Floch said such a thing to Hitch, and Floch tells him that someone should be honest about what happened. Armin admits that he knows Floch wanted Erwin to live, and Floch claims that everyone who has read the Corps' report believes Erwin should have lived.

Eren tries to defend Armin, but Floch accuses him, along with Levi and Mikasa, of allowing his personal feelings to keep him from making a rational choice. Floch accuses Eren of behaving childishly and praises Mikasa for having the maturity to give up on saving Armin. Before things can escalate further, Jean intervenes. Floch, growing agitated, then reprimands both Jean and Connie, telling them that while it may be true that they did not act against their superiors, they made no effort to actually stop Eren and Mikasa. Floch closes by asking that they inform any future recruits of what they are truly signing up for, so that no more cowards like him join. Armin agrees that Erwin should have lived, but Eren insists that there is no way of them knowing for sure what the future has in store.[25]

Marley arc

Floch argues with Jean over civilian casualties

With the arrival of the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers, Floch is among those assigned to watch over the Volunteers and is assigned to guard their leader Yelena. At the time there was a ceremony in Trost District, which was held in proximity to where Eren Yeager was staying.[26] At some point during this time Eren tells Floch his plan to use Zeke Yeager to unlock the Founding Titan's power and destroy all the enemies of Paradis with "the Rumbling." Floch agrees to Eren's plan and begins gathering allies from among the military to aid them, forming a secret faction known as the "Yeagerists."

Approximately nine months later, Floch joins the Survey Corps at the Raid on Liberio where he sets explosives to destroy buildings around the internment zone. Jean yells at him to minimize civilian casualties, but Floch is unrepentant; he tells Jean of all of the people inside the Walls who were killed by the people outside of it. When Jean argues with him, Floch points to Eren and reminds Jean that Eren told them to fight rather than wait within the Walls for death to find them, declaring that Eren is the devil they need.[15] Some time after, Floch is forced to take cover from the Beast Titan's bombardment.[27]

As the Survey Corps makes its retreat from Liberio, Floch leads the surviving soldiers in a celebration of their overwhelming victory against Marley. As they are celebrating, two children board the Corps' airship, and open fire, killing Sasha Blouse. In response, Floch and his fellow soldiers attack the children, savagely apprehending and disarming them. Floch asks Jean if he should throw them out of the airship, but is denied.[28]

War for Paradis arc

Floch and his compatriots are arrested

Unhappy with Eren's arrest following their return to Paradis, Floch and several other Survey Corps recruits leak news of Eren's confinement to the public, which puts pressure on Hange to release him. They are quickly discovered, and are called before Hange to explain themselves. Floch argues that Eren was justified in his actions, and that his actions have saved the lives of the citizens of Paradis. Hange points out that Eren's actions have only demonized them to the rest of the world, but Floch insists that they have nothing to worry about as long as Eren has the power of the Founding Titan. Rather than freeing Eren, Hange concludes the hearing by arresting Floch and his compatriots.[29]

Floch and his companions are quickly freed by other members of the military who have sided with Eren, and the group makes a plan to meet up with Eren outside of the city. After Eren escapes his cell and arrives, Floch informs him of their numbers along with their involvement in Zackly's assassination. Floch then claims only Eren can save the Eldian Empire; however, Eren shows no visible reaction and merely tells the group he will locate Zeke.[30]

Floch instructs Hange to be silent

After being informed of Hange's location by a sympathetic employee, Floch joins the other Yeagerists in raiding a restaurant. The faction threatens Hange and her subordinates with firearms, and Floch demands that she take them to Zeke's location. On Hange's query, he reveals to her that Eren refuses to negotiate with the military. Floch shows little interest while Hange beseeches that, with Zeke's maneuvering, they do not have time to be infighting, and instead orders for those present to be restrained. His apathy continues as Jean argues that they are very likely playing into the enemies' hands. Through his reply, Hange deduces that Floch was aware of the spinal fluid scheme. This leads to him smugly putting a finger to his lips and instructing her to keep the volume down. When the captives are directed out, Floch taps on a door to inform Eren that they are leaving.[31]

Arriving in Shiganshina, Floch immediately leads the Yeagerists to the division of the Training Corps operating out of the District. He and the Yeagerists inform instructor Keith Shadis and the recruits that the Yeagerists will now be operating out of the Training Corps's base, shooting off a warning shot when Keith attempts to resist. Floch invites all of the assembled recruits to join the Yeagerists and abandon their old customs from before they learned of the outside world. As recruits begin to join him, Floch informs them that they will have to prove their loyalty by beating Keith, and that anyone who does not will be thrown in jail. After the recruits have finished beating Keith, Floch orders Hange to take him to Zeke.[32]

Floch offers to check for Levi's pulse

Floch and the Yeagerists with him learn that Zeke is in the custody of Levi and thirty members of the Survey Corps still loyal to the military. En route to their location, Floch hears a sound resembling thunder near the edge of the forest.[33] They go to investigate and find a completely destroyed wagon, along with an injured soldier lying on the bank of a river. Floch expresses his initial worry about Levi being a problem, but is pleased to see he will not be a concern due to his injuries; after hearing Hange claim that Levi is dead, Floch is not fully convinced and orders Hange to move so he can check for a pulse. Before he can, he and the other soldiers are suddenly distracted by the sight of Zeke emerging from inside a decomposing Titan. This gives Hange the opportunity to flee with Levi's body, catching Floch off guard while other Yeagerists leave to pursue them. Floch then tries to get Zeke to explain what happened but Zeke brushes him off claiming that they need to move on.[34]

Floch and the Yeagerists chase after Pieck

Floch and his soldiers arrive with Zeke at Shiganshina to find it under attack by Marley's forces. While Zeke pummels Marley's Titans with rocks from atop the Wall, Floch takes his group to kill the Cart Titan and keep it from using its artillery to hurt Zeke. They seemingly manage to take the Titan down but are caught off guard when Marleyan soldiers appear from the Cart Titan's corpse and begin firing on them, forcing them to retreat.[35]

Floch and his soldiers continue to attack the Cart Titan, but are quickly repelled, with everyone except for Floch being killed.[36] As Floch confronts the worsening situation, Eren makes contact with Zeke and starts the Rumbling as Floch watches the Wall begin to crumble from beneath him.[37]

Floch has Yelena and the other volunteers restrained

Despite sustaining a head injury, Floch survives the collapse of the Walls. After all of Zeke's Pure Titans are killed, he meets with the survivors at the headquarters. He talks with Jean, expressing that he could not die during the moment of the Eldian Empire's return. Floch then points his gun at Yelena and demands her to gather the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers so they can be detained.[38]

One of the Volunteers tries resisting and Floch wounds the man by shooting him in the hand. Floch informs the Volunteers that he has known about Eren's plan to unlock the Founding Titan for 10 months. He acknowledges that the Volunteers' respective homelands will indeed be destroyed by Eren's plan and offers to grant them status as honorary Eldians in the new empire Eren will create if they agree to cooperate. The injured Volunteer continues to belittle Floch, who responds by nonchalantly executing him.

As the Volunteers are led away, Floch claims to Jean and Mikasa that, as Eren's representative, he is trying to wipe out any resentment in Paradis. In an attempt to gain Jean's support, Floch makes an appeal to Jean's old desire to live a comfortable life as an MP. Mikasa demands to know what happened to Levi and Hange and Floch claims that Zeke killed them.[39]


  • Eren Yeager - Floch used to consider Eren as an immature and stubborn person due to the latter's behavior at the Battle of Shiganshina.[11] After seeing his willingness to do what needs to be done to secure Eldia's freedom, Floch began to change his views on Eren and now regards him as a savior and the one who should rule Eldia.[40]
  • Jean Kirstein - Floch viewed Jean as a capable soldier as he joined the Survey Corps, though he was concerned as to the events that hardened Jean and other members of the 104th. Through their interactions before the timeskip, it can be seen that the two are on friendly terms. During the Raid on Liberio, the two have a disagreement after Floch disobeys Jean's orders, showcasing somewhat of a lack of respect. After Floch abandons the military, the two are seen to be on hostile terms. Jean is later witness to Floch's arrest of the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers, yelling at Floch to stop and appearing in disbelief after hearing Floch's words. When Floch kills a volunteer, Jean is left shocked, and Floch tells Jean that he is free, and should go back to being how he used to be, with Floch mocking Jean's former self, calling him "bastard." Floch does, however, refer to Jean as a hero, showcasing a potential, if discarded, respect.
  • Erwin Smith - Floch held the former leader of the Survey Corps in high regards, and believed Erwin's ruthlessness made him capable of leading humanity towards salvation. He staunchly advocated that Erwin be saved during the final stages of the Battle of Shiganshina District instead of Armin.[41]
  • Hange Zoë - At first, Floch viewed Hange as a competent successor to lead the Survey Corps. However, he would later turn against her and see her as an enemy along with the other members of the military.
  • Keith Shadis - Despite claiming he harbors no ill will towards Keith, Floch has a low opinion of his former training instructor. Viewing him as a relic of the past, Floch is perfectly willing to shoot Keith and orders the new recruits to beat him as a means to prove their loyalty.[42]
  • Zeke Yeager - As Eren's older half brother, it is presumed that Floch has the utmost respect for Zeke; he is seen always addressing Zeke as 'Sir'.

People killed



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