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Florian Reiss (フロリアン・レイス Furorian Reisu?) was the youngest daughter of Rod and his wife, the younger sister of Frieda, Dirk, Ulklin, and Abel Reiss, and the half-sister of Historia Reiss.


Florian was a 10-year old girl, with shoulder-length blonde hair, and light blue eyes. She was only ever seen wearing a plain white robe with a long white v-neck dress and a black waistband with white sandals.


In the year 842, at the age of 7, Florian saw her older sister Frieda eat their paternal uncle Uri to inherit of his Titan and she was traumatized by this.[2]


The Fall of Shiganshina arc

Florian and her mother are killed by Grisha

In the year 845, when Wall Maria is breached, Grisha Jaeger invades the Reiss Chapel, turns into a Titan, and kills most of the Reiss family members including Florian herself. According to Rod Reiss, she was "stomped" together with her mother in Grisha's feet. Before Grisha attacked, she fearfully clung to her mother.[1]