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The flying boat (飛行艇 Hikō-tei?) is a multi-purpose airplane developed by the nation of Hizuru some time during the years 852 and 853.


As the name suggests, the flying boat can function as both a ship and an airplane depending on the users' needs, and the wings can fold for storage or when being towed by boat.[1]

While anyone with sufficient piloting skills can operate it, operation of the flying boat can only be done after a series of maintenance and pre-flight checks by a specialized team of engineers.[1] The vessel's preparation can take half a day or longer, even with the necessary facilities and equipment.[2]

The ship produced by Hizuru is fueled by iceburst stones found in Paradis Island.[3]


War for Paradis arc

Shortly before the first meeting of the people of Hizuru and Paradis Island, Zeke Yeager meets with Hizuru ambassador Kiyomi Azumabito in secret, providing her family with a sample of iceburst stone to encourage an alliance between Hizuru and Eldia.[4] Hizuru quickly manages to fully realize the potential of the iceburst stone, integrating it as the primary fuel source for their newly developed flying boat.

Kiyomi delivers the flying boat to Paradis

After Eren's raid on Liberio, Kiyomi returns to Paradis Island with the newly developed flying boat, intending on using the ship to view a small-scale Rumbling from an aerial perspective.[3] However, the subsequent Yeagerist uprising overturns all plans for this test of the Founding Titan's power. At the end of Marley's counterattack in Shiganshina District, Eren begins a full-scale Rumbling to slaughter all life outside of Paradis Island.[5]

The Eldian-Marleyan alliance escapes with the flying boat

Intending to put a stop to Eren's mass genocide, the Yeagerist-opposed members of the Survey Corps join forces with Marley's surviving Warriors and head to Paradis's harbor where the flying boat is docked. [6] However, upon reaching the harbor, they find out that it is overrun with Yeagerist forces who are ready to destroy the flying boat should anyone attempt to commandeer it. Armin Arlert and Connie Springer initially attempt non-hostile coercion to take the flying boat from Samuel and Daz before they can detonate the explosives rigged to the plane. However, conflict escalates elsewhere in the harbor leading to an all-out battle for the flying boat.[7] The Eldian-Marleyan alliance eventually drives off the Yeagerist force and escapes by ship, with the flying boat in tow.[8] They head towards Odiha to service the craft, as by then, the Rumbling would have already reached Liberio.[2]

Hizuru's flying boat escapes Odiha's destruction

In Odiha, the Azumabito engineers prepare the flying boat for flight. Before the alliance can depart, Floch Forster fires his gun into the empty fuel tank of the flying boat, requiring further time for repairs before fueling can commence. As Wall Titans approach the city, the engineers frantically repair and fuel the flying boat, escaping from the hangar bay moments before the Titans trample the building.[9]

Onyankopon pilots the flying boat from Odiha to Fort Salta,[10] where Yelena predicted Eren's Founding Titan would be heading.[11] The flying boat is nearly out of fuel by the time it arrives over the Founding Titan. Ymir Fritz uses Zeke's incarnation of the Beast Titan to throw projectiles at it, however the flying boat largely survives the attack. The Warriors and Survey Corps soldiers on-board jump out to confront Eren, while Onyankopon prepares to make a crash-landing.[12] The flying-boat is destroyed when it is crashes atop the mesa, but Onyankopon survives the crash and is pulled out from the wreckage.[13]