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Food Fight! Sasha (フードファイト!サシャ Fūdofaito! Sasha?) is the 2nd side story of the 5th volume of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Sasha prepares to finish several food eating challenges in town. Despite the concerns of her classmates, Sasha is confident she will succeed no matter what the risk may be.


One day after school, Eren notes they do not have a club meeting today and suggest that Armin, Mikasa and himself get some pork buns on the way home. They notice Sasha running away from the cafeteria, despite Eren mentioning food; curious, they decide to follow her.

Sasha mentions that she competes in various food challenges at restaurants throughout town, proclaiming that she has beaten them all except for three. She brushes Eren's concerns of getting recognized aside and goes to a restaurant with a pancake challenge. She easily defeats that one and moves on to a restaurant with a buffet. She is surprised to see one of the other challengers is a Titan but still ends up beating the challenge.

During this time, the restaurant managers and chefs have been keeping tabs on Sasha and notice she has just one challenge left to go. She arrives at a Chinese restaurant, only to notice that Mikasa, Annie, Ymir and Krista have been taken captive. The chefs and store managers force Sasha into a chair and threaten to take a bite out of her friends for every bite of food she eats.

Sasha refuses but Krista tells her to go on with the challenge. Mikasa joins in and kicks one of their captors; this proves to distract them as Sasha begins eating. The cooks try to keep up with her appetite, but fall behind over time. As they develop cramps in their arms, Sasha merely goes to the storage room and eats the food raw. The cooks notice that the hostages have been freed by Mikasa and order a retreat. Sasha reconsiders her numerous eating challenges and decides to give them up. Several weeks later, Sasha slightly goes back to eating challenges, this time choosing ones that pay her for winning.

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