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Fort Salta (スラトア要塞 Suratoa-yōsai?)[1] is a Marleyan fortification and research base in the southern mountainous region of the continental mainland.


War for Paradis arc

Upon arriving in Odiha, Yelena confesses to discussing a strategy with Eren Yeager to cripple Marley's military defenses with a partial rumbling in order to secure peace for Paradis Island for several decades to come. Despite her certainty in an attack on Acirfa to destroy a gathered Global Allied Fleet, Yelena had shown concern regarding Fort Slava and the flying boat research conducted therein. With Eren now leading a full-scale rumbling against the entire world, Yelena guesses that after destroying Acirfa, he would target Fort Salta in order to completely rid Marley of any weapons against the Founding Titan.[2]


  • Unlike the majority of Marleyan location names which are based in Latin or Italian nomenclature, "Salta" simply appears to be "Atlas" backwards. This is also applicable to the original katakana in which the characters for Atlas (アトラス Atorasu?) are reversed. This may refer to its location being, when vertically mirrored, analogous to the Atlas Mountains of northern Algeria.[3]
    • Coincidentally, the name "Salta" still fits with the Latin and Italian nomenclature of Marleyan location names, as "salta" means "skip" in Italian, derived from the Latin "saltus".



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