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Frieda's mother (フリーダの母親 Furīda no hahaoya?) was the wife of Rod Reiss and the mother of Frieda, Dirk, Ulklin, Florian and Abel Reiss.[1]


Frieda's mother was an older woman with pushed-back blonde hair, hazel eyes and wrinkles on her face. She wore the uniform for female Reiss family members during family gatherings.


Frieda's mother, along with her husband and children, witnessed her eldest daughter Frieda eating her brother-in-law Uri Reiss, and she was traumatized by this, shedding tears next to her husband Rod Reiss.[2]


The Fall of Shiganshina arc

Rod's wife and Florian Reiss are killed by Grisha

In the year 845, on the day of Wall Maria's fall, Grisha Jaeger invaded the Underground Chapel. She was seen comforting her daughter, Florian, who clung to her. The entire Reiss family, including Rod's wife herself, are slaughtered by Grisha Jaeger's Titan along with her youngest daughter Florian. According to Rod Reiss, she was stomped by Grisha, who also killed Florian Reiss, her daughter that she was holding.[3]


  • Rod Reiss - She shared some love for him, as shown by how she clung to Rod's shoulder when Uri died. It is unknown if Rod felt the same way, as he mentioned that Alma was the only person who understood him.