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Frieda Reiss (フリーダ・レイス Furīda Reisu?) is a substitute teacher working at Attack Junior High School. She is also the older half-sister of Historia Reiss.


Frieda has long black hair and bright eyes. She is mostly seen wearing formal clothes when she is working.


Frieda is a cheerful, energetic woman who is appreciated by her colleagues and students. While she clearly loves her sister, she often drools and cries when in her presence, which unnerves Historia and her classmates. Frieda has been known to be manipulative, as shown when she admitted that she used her father's name to be accepted in Historia's school. Frieda can also be violent when she is upset.



  • Historia Reiss - Historia is Frieda's half-sister.
  • Ymir - Due to Frieda's obsession with her sister, she almost immediately got on Ymir's bad side due to jealousy.
  • Rod Reiss - Rod is Frieda and Historia's father. When Frieda tells him that she will be teaching at Historia's school, Rod tells Frieda not to reveal her true identity to Historia. He said that if she does, it would start rumors and cause trouble.