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Fritz (フリッツ Furittsu?) is the former king of the Walls; however, he was a puppet king who acted as a substitute for Rod Reiss, the real king at the time.[1] After the coup d'état and Rod's death, he was replaced by the real ruler of the Walls, Historia Reiss.[2]


Fritz is a very old man. He has long, straight white hair and a small beard that covers his chin and his lips. He has small eyes and his face is full of wrinkles. He wears very elegant clothes, those typical of a king, and he possesses a crown, but he has a tendency to never wear it. When asleep, his eyes remain slightly open.


Due to his old age, he is considered senile by the rest of the nobility. He is usually asleep.[3]


Royal Government arc

Fritz is seen presiding over a conference listening to Rod Reiss's reasoning to give out food rations to the citizens along with four other nobles and a member of the Military Police Regiment.[4] Afterwards, the King would simply doze off as the rest of the assembly discuss recent matters when they are interrupted by a messenger. Aurille takes the message and informs them all that Rod Reiss has already acted and captured Eren Jaeger along with Historia Reiss.[1]

Fritz later presides over Erwin Smith's trial, quietly dozing while the other nobles actually conduct the trial. When Dhalis Zachary interrupts the trial and arrests the nobles, Aurille angrily wakes up Fritz, who confusedly asks if it is time to eat. He is then arrested with the rest of the nobles.[3]