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This article is about the 63rd episode of the Attack on Titan anime. For the manga chapter of the same name, see From One Hand to Another (Chapter).

Quote1.png War, for Marleyans, exists solely inside their newspapers. They're content to just read about our lands expanding. If our tamed devils or conquered armies are eating the bullets, all the better. One hopes letting Marleyans hear the sound of bullets whizzing by their ears will be enough to stop our self-destructive march towards war. Quote2.png
— Theo Magath explains his support for resuming Marleyan conscription

From One Hand to Another (手から手へ Te kara Te e?) is the 4th episode of the 4th season and the 63rd episode overall of the Attack on Titan anime, produced by MAPPA.


Theo Magath meets with Willy Tybur, the head of the Tybur family, and finds they are of a similar mind when it comes to the current political state of Marley. They work together as Willy arranges for a festival to be held in Liberio's internment zone for ambassadors from around the world. He plans to announce his solution to the Titan scourge there.

Meanwhile, Falco Grice has been delivering messages for Mr. Kruger and also manages to beat Gabi Braun in a race for the first time. However, she fails to understand his confession that he is trying so hard because he cares about her. Both Warriors and candidates enjoy the festival the day it arrives, and before the evening's theater production can begin, Falco asks Reiner Braun to come with him. He leads him to a basement where Mr. Kruger is waiting and Reiner recognizes him as Eren Jaeger.


Reiner Braun runs into a breathless Falco Grice out in town. When asked where he is going, Falco says that he has left something behind at the headquarters and is going to retrieve it, but in actuality he is mailing a letter outside of the internment zone for Mr. Kruger, the disabled soldier he had met upon returning to Liberio.

Willy greets Magath and Koslow

In the evening, Theo Magath learns from Koslow that the entirety of the Tybur family has come to visit. As the two go to meet their visitors, Koslow notes that the Tyburs' personal guards are not part of the Marleyan military. They are greeted by the family's current head, Willy Tybur, who introduces them to the rest of the family.

Speaking privately, Willy asks Magath if he is able to tell which Tybur is currently holding the War Hammer Titan. Magath says that he cannot and wonders if it is even here at all. Amused, Willy assures him that it is. He tells Magath that he came here to see the statue of Helos, the Marleyan hero who slew the Devil of All Earth and became renowned as a hero who saved the world.

When Willy admires the craftsmanship of the statue and its status as a symbol of the Marleyan spirit, Magath agrees, but because it is empty inside. Willy laughs and calls him a tough critic before asking Magath about his plans to reinstate Marley's conscription system. Magath feels that war is too distant for the average Marleyan, whose battles are being fought by Titans or conquered armies while Marleyans only read about it in the news. If Magath could say something to someone controlling Marley in the shadows, he would tell them that it is too late.

Willy asks Magath to work with him

Noting Magath's insinuation, Willy reveals that the Tybur family is, as Magath suspects, currently in control of Marley. However, he insists that Marley's penchant for war has always existed, and that the Tyburs gave the nation the power and freedom to do so as atonement. Willy acknowledges that the negativity between Marley and Eldia is the Tyburs' responsibility, but assures Magath that he intends to reveal the truth to the world at the upcoming festival. He is not lying about coming to see the statue, as he believes Marley needs a hero once more, and entreats Magath to work with him.

At a military meeting, Reiner explains possible methods of invading Paradis Island, going into detail concerning benefits and weaknesses of the various options, but the strategist listening to him is unhappy that Reiner does not have a decisive plan and concludes it was not worth letting an Eldian talk. The Warriors then head outside to contemplate the merit of their leadership while watching the candidates train in the yard. Falco manages to overtake Gabi Braun at the end of their race and the candidates celebrate afterward, though Colt does not believe his brother will be able to surpass Gabi at this point.

Falco confesses why he is working so hard

As the candidates depart for the day, Gabi expresses her frustration with Falco's determination to beat her, pointing out that the Grice family will be made Honorary Marleyans anyway once Colt inherits the Beast Titan, and demands to know why he is trying so hard. Unable to keep from snapping back, Falco admits that he is doing it for her, which confuses Gabi, who cannot understand why he would get in her way if he is doing it for her.

Falco runs off in embarrassment, and the remaining candidates visit the festival stage under construction in the Liberio Internment Zone, where the Tybur family will announce their plan for war against Paradis in front of ambassadors from other nations. Udo is skeptical that the world will join forces with Marley as easily as planned. Given his experience coming from an internment zone abroad, hatred for Eldians is even worse outside of Marley. Even so, Gabi is hopeful that choosing to have the event here might help the rest of the world understand Eldians.

Near the stage, Magath hands Willy a small book, which causes the latter to note that a large-scale demolition is required. Willy congratulates Magath and tells him that the military is his. However, Magath corrects him and says the military serves the nation, and the nation's commander is Willy. Willy is uneasy being labeled as such, and admits that he understands now why previous Tyburs did not try to properly steer the country. He laments that he has to be the one who carries this out now.

Falco meets Kruger at the hospital

At the hospital, Falco pays Kruger a visit, who congratulates him on beating Gabi. He notices a baseball mitt by Kruger's side and asks if it was sent from his family. Kruger says they thought it would make hospital life less boring, but it is hard in his current state. He tells Falco that after the festival he will be going back to his hometown.

Spotting a doctor coming, Falco decides to leave and the doctor sits beside Kruger. The doctor introduces himself as Jaegar, a physician for the internment zone who comes here sometimes to drink tea. He tells Kruger about the history of Falco's family and the ties the boy's uncle had with the Eldian Restorationists. Colt and Falco agreed to train as Warriors to protect their family from retribution.

Kruger is advised by Dr. Jaeger to keep away from Falco

Jaeger urges for Kruger to stop sending Falco on his errands, because if Falco falls under suspicion it will all have been for nothing. He also suggests Kruger should return to his family if he is truly healthy, because someday he will not be able to see them anymore and he should not live with regrets.

Suspecting Jaeger might have regrets of his own, Kruger asks him about it, and Jaeger admits that he regrets everyday. Believing that he was responsible for his children's fates, which included forcing his son to become a doctor just like him, Jaeger suddenly starts to scream and two staff members of the hospital arrive to escort him away. Left by himself, Kruger tosses a baseball upward.

The ambassador calms a frightened Udo

That night, on the eve of the festival, the Warrior candidates prepare themselves to serve as waiters to the many ambassadors who have come to Liberio. Udo becomes frustrated upon hearing a few of them speak ill of Eldians, and he accidentally spills wine on the kimono of an ambassador from Hizuru. Worrying for Udo's safety, the ambassador plays it off as if she had spilled it on herself, telling Udo to keep quiet.

Elsewhere in the dining hall, Willy greets ambassadors Ogweno and Nambia, along with other old childhood friends. The loose chatter comes to an end when the Marleyan ambassador greets the gathering with a crude and awkward speech. He is gracefully sent aside by Willy, who gives his own speech to the ambassadors. Expressing his desire to rid the world of the Titan scourge which has been the cause of concern for many nations, Willy announces that he will declare his solution for the crisis tomorrow night following his theater production.

The next morning, Gabi wakes up to a ruckus outside. The internment zone has been opened to outsiders who have set up food stalls and she joins the other Warrior candidates in exploring the festival. Reiner, Pieck, and Galliard join them and Reiner spends much of his money paying for food for everyone, but he smiles when he sees how good a time Gabi is having. By the end of the day, Gabi is stuffed to the point where Reiner must drag her away.

Falco reunites Reiner and Eren

That night, the group that explored the food stalls joins Colt and Zeke Jaeger at their seats near the festival stage. Colt notices Falco is missing and Udo explains that Falco ran off when he saw someone he knew. A moment later, Falco runs up and calls for Reiner, asking him to come with him. He leads Reiner away to a basement where he introduces him to Kruger, who remarks that it has been four years since he and Reiner had last seen each other. Reiner immediately recognizes Kruger as Eren Jaeger.

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Tybur Family

A family of nobles that revolted against Eldia in the Great Titan War 100 years ago. They joined hands with the Marleyan hero Helos to overcome the Eldian Empire and bring an end to the war. As nobles who have possessed the War Hammer Titan, they have guided Marley for many years and hold significant influence both domestically and abroad. Currently, Willy Tybur is the head of the family.

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