Quote1 That's exactly why I tried so hard...I want to prove to the world...that Eldians were good. I was able to make it this far because I believed that eventually...the day would come...when I wouldn't need this armband.... But's all been wiped out. Quote2
— Gabi opens up to Falco Grice[4]

Gabi Braun (ガビ・ブラウン Gabi Buraun?) is an Eldian living in the Liberio internment zone and the cousin of Reiner Braun.[5] She is a Warrior candidate (戦士候補生 Senshi Kōho-sei?, also translated as "Warrior Cadet") that is likely to inherit the Armored Titan.[6]


Gabi is of average height with a petite build and face. She has wide brown eyes and defined eyebrows, with a small nose and radiant smile. She also has medium length black hair which she keeps half tied above her head. Like her fellow Warrior candidates, she wears the standard Marleyan soldier uniform consisting of a light jacket and pants, supply packs on the hip, suspender straps, a hard hat with a stripe around it, and tall combat boots. As an Eldian her uniform is different from that of the Marleyans in that the shirt collar has a small badge with the Eldian star instead of a small clip and the hat has a white stripe with the Eldian star on it instead of a pure black stripe. However, underneath her uniform, she wears a short tattered white dress with poorly made thigh length light colored shorts. Like all her family and ancestors residing in Marley, she also wears the Eldian armband.


Gabi is very passionate and head-strong, expressing her emotions and opinion without inhibition. She is brave, possessing boundless determination, and willing to put her life on the line to complete a goal for a perceived greater good. She also shows great concern for her fellow Eldians, risking her life to take out a train instead of letting 800 of her brethren charge the gunmen guarding their objective.[7]

However, these attributes can also make her somewhat overbearing and domineering. This causes her to be tactless at times, forcing her opinions on others and taking charge regardless of whether it was asked for or not. She most usually shows this side around her fellow Warrior candidates, considering herself their de facto leader to an extent, and even threatening to 'punish' them when they disagree with her. Nonetheless, she is friendly enough that they have no issue with spending their leisure time with her.

Like many of the Eldians living in Marley, she holds a strong hatred for the people of Paradis Island due to the false history she was raised with.[8] Aside from her resolve and determination, Gabi is care-free even on the battlefield, making remarks about her cuteness and claiming her commander loves her too much to sacrifice her. After the truth about Karl Fritz's collaboration with the Tybur family to end the Eldian Empire is revealed, she is seen completely shocked and her strong belief about Eldians in Paradis Island as evil is challenged. Her hatred of the people of Paradis Island is such that she shows no qualms after killing any of them.[9] She holds a strong sense of pride in being a 'true' Eldian and does not remove her armband under any circumstance; if forcibly removed, she will do anything to get it back and fears that without it, she will become just like the evil Eldians on Paradis.[10]

Although Gabi is quite smart, having the intelligence to craft a bomb capable of derailing an armored train meant for taking out the strongest Titans while huddling in a ditch with limited supplies, as well as form a plan to get close enough to perform said action,[11] she is quite oblivious and obtuse regarding other matters. Even though the other candidates are aware of Falco's obvious crush on her, Gabi remains unaware despite several people commenting on it while in her presence; even when Falco practically yelled it to her, she failed to figure it out. However, when Falco properly explained it to her, she was taken aback by it and could only blush at the news.

Gabi curses at the Survey Corps

Gabi fanatically curses the Survey Corps soldiers as devils

Though Gabi's passion is one of her greatest strengths, having allowed her to become the skilled soldier she is, it is also her greatest flaw. It drives her vengeful side to the point of extreme rashness and an almost complete disregard of common sense, leading her to believe she could kill the entire Survey Corps single-handedly, despite them having taken out several Warriors and dozens of Marleyan soldiers. Unlike Falco, it also causes her to be very rigid and self-righteous in her beliefs, still seeing the Eldians of Paradis Island as devils different from the "true Eldians" of Marley despite the revelations made public during the Tybur festival. She dismisses the Survey Corps and Anti-Marleyan Volunteers' reasons for the invasion of Liberio, even psychotically ranting at them after being captured that she will continue to fight them.

Mr. Blouse is offered a choice

Gabi shows fear at the thought of possibly dying

During her time on Paradis, she still expressed her superiority as a "true Eldian" but is surprised that many of the actions of the Eldians on Paradis directly contradict what she has been raised to believe; she recalls that her cousin Reiner mentioned similar experiences while on Paradis during the Paradis Island Operation.[12] After interacting with Kaya and Lisa Blouse, Gabi begins to harbor some doubts about the Eldians on Paradis Island being monsters. Despite willing to put her life on the line in the service of Marley many times, Gabi is actually quite scared at the thought of dying; when she was at the mercy of Mr. Blouse, Gabi expresses true fear and does nothing to try and defend herself, remaining completely motionless.[13]

By the time of the Marleyan counter attack against Paradis, Gabi has completely let go of her hatred against the people of Paradis and no longer sees them as devils. When she hears Mrs. Blouse's concern over them and Kaya's justified anger, Gabi breaks down in tears while confessing the faults in her prior beliefs. Gabi confessed that she finally understood her cousin Reiner's feelings and claimed; "There were no devils on this island, there were only people. We, these people we had not even ever seen, all of them, we decided they were devils."[citation needed]


Marley arc

Gabi crafts a bomb

Gabi crafts a bomb

During the Marleyan war with the Mid-East Allied Forces, Gabi is present among 800+ other Eldians fighting on behalf of Marley. However, she and some of her friends such as Udo, Zofia, and Falco Grice are valued as Warrior candidates with the potential to inherit the Armored Titan power. When Falco's brother Colt returns to their hiding trench with his wounded brother, Gabi and her fellow candidates tend to his wounds as she re-explains their objective to him. When Udo begins to panic in fear of their military failing, he wraps Falco's bandages too tightly and Gabi scolds him. Upon Falco wondering why they were on the front lines as candidates, Gabi explains that it is so they may be evaluated by Commander Magath for their capabilities as successors to the Armored Titan power. When Zofia begins to boast about grades, Gabi interrupts her by explaining her superior resolve to kill all the people of Paradis Island and free the people trapped in the Liberio. Falco then asks her about the item she is fiddling with and Gabi grins as she shows it off.[14]

Gabi takes out the armored train

The armored train is derailed by Gabi's bomb

When the enemy emerges with an armored train, Commander Magath makes plans to have 800 Eldian Warriors charge the mid-eastern gunmen guarding the base to create an opening. However, Gabi interrupts Magath's idea with her own; promising that she and her home-made bomb can take out the anti-Titan artillery alone, without dying or sacrificing their Warriors. At first, she is denied, but after playfully proclaiming her worth and expendability at the same time, the commander agrees to let her take off her Eldian armband and go. Gabi undresses down to her underclothes and ties the bomb to her ankle, making it appear as shackles. She leaves the ditch and approaches the gunmen with her hands up, looking terrified. When she pretends to trip, she takes the opportunity to throw the bomb on the train tracks and derail the armored train, simultaneously killing the gunmen as she runs away laughing. When one enemy survives, he begins shooting at her as she heads for the ditch. She jumps down in time and collides with Falco who had rushed over to save her, while at the same time being shielded by the appearance of Porco Galliard's Titan. When she sees the Titan, she shows great joy and then watches as he kills the last gunmen standing.[15]

While she puts her clothes back on, she sees how Falco has brought an injured enemy soldier to the trench. She mocks him, telling him that there is no way he can surpass her as a possible heir of the Armored Titan by following international law.[16] After stating how weird is Falco to her, she witnesses the second phase of the assault over Fort Slava, executed by Zeke Yeager and Reiner Braun, while her superior states how Eldians once ate his people just like the Titans are eating their enemies now.[17] After witnessing Reiner's defeat she remains doubtful about the power of the Titans.[18]

Gabi celebrates her victory

Gabi is labeled as The Eldian Goddess, the hero of the Battle of Fort Slava

After the battle has ended, Gabi is seen waiting with her comrades in a port. The children state how the power of the Titans is starting to lose its dominance. They also see several enemy soldiers who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and come to the conclusion that those survivors will only give the Eldians a worse reputation.[19] When Reiner appears, she seems very happy with seeing him and hugs him. She states how happy she is because they can finally go back to Liberio and decides to take a walk with Reiner and the rest of her comrades. She appears offended when Falco says that Reiner should rest and yells that Falco is the one who should take a nap before being convinced by Reiner to go in a different direction.[20]

Gabi is then seen on a train towards her homeland, surrounded by the surviving Eldian forces. Colt gets drunk and starts praising her and the way her idea managed to save the lives of 800 Eldian soldiers. Motivated by his speech, all present soldiers start drinking and cheering her name while Gabi cries because of the emotion.[21]

The train reaches the Liberio Headquarters, and Gabi jumps out eagerly, happy to have returned to her hometown. She begins yelling out about returning home, before being quieted down by Reiner.[22] Gabi spots Falco turning around to look at Reiner. She reacts irritated by this, and questions what Falco was doing, threatening to report him.[23]

Reiner at dinner

Gabi and her family ask Reiner about his time inside the Walls

Gabi reenters the Internment Zone and joyfully reunites with her parents, who praise her for her bravery in the war. Gabi then greets her aunt, who invites the whole family around for a celebration at her house.[24]

At the family dinner, Gabi recounts her experience blowing up the Armored Train, warranting congratulations from her family. When asked by his mother, Reiner admits that Gabi is currently first in line to inherit the Armored Titan. Karina says that all that is left to do is to exterminate the people of Paradis Island, which Gabi swears to do. When the topic of Reiner's time in Paradis Island appears, Gabi expresses sympathy towards Reiner, telling her family to not make Reiner talk about it.[25] Despite this Reiner begins to tell the family about his experiences with the people of Paradis Island, but his words confuse Gabi as the Wall people are not painted in as negative a light compared to typical Marley propaganda. This confusion however, is stamped out when Reiner's mother begins to shower Marley propaganda back onto Gabi, saying Eldians can only be recognized as good people when the evil people of Paradis Island have been prevented from releasing their Titans and destroying the world. Gabi listens to and accepts these ideas.[26]

Gabi and Reiner are soon summoned to the Warriors' headquarters. On the way, Gabi is praised by numerous Eldians, and is even asked about her experience by some Marleyan soldiers, but refuses to talk openly about the battle. Reiner notes that this seems out of character for her, but she insists that he is acting stranger, and is lying about his experiences on Paradis Island. Once she arrives at the Warriors' headquarters, she begins training with Falco.[27]

Confused Gabi

Gabi is confused by Falco's reasoning

During training, she is beaten by Falco in a footrace for the first time. On the way back to the internment zone, she is annoyed by a soldier's comment and reminds her friends that her achievements make her a better candidate than Falco. Seeing how determined he looks, she asks him about his motivations, reminding him of his brother's status. Falco tells her it is for her sake, which surprises and angers her, having the feeling he gets in her way. The same day, she watches the preparations for the festival with Udo and Zofia. As they discuss the Eldian's situation, she reminds them of their job for the night and tells them to correct their quirks, then chokes them as a punishment for having cheered for Falco earlier.[28]

In the evening, she works as a waitress with her fellow candidates for the ambassadors welcome party. Seeing Udo was having troubles, she approaches him, then the four candidates listen to Willy Tybur's declaration to the guests.[29]

The Warrior cadets' reaction

Gabi and the others shocked at Tybur's revelation about the truth behind the Great Titan War

The following day, she wakes up late and gets out to see many attractions in the internment zone. She is joined by her friends who tell her about the festival and take her with them. During the day, she enjoys the event with Reiner and the others. Later, Reiner has to drag her as she has eaten too much. At night, her group joins the other Warriors to hear Willy Tybur's speech.[30]

Gabi watches Tybur's production along with her fellow Warriors and Warrior candidates. When Tybur reveals that it was actually Karl Fritz, not the Tybur family, who ended the Great Titan War, Gabi and her fellow candidates are left stunned.[31]

She and the others hear the rest of Willy's speech and his declaration of war against Paradis Island. Suddenly, Eren's Attack Titan comes forth to crush the stage, sending Willy's eviscerated corpse into the air and rubble hurling towards the crowd.[32]

Colt picks up Udo and Gabi

Gabi is helped to her feet by Colt

Gabi is dazed by the sudden attack, needing to be helped to her feet by Colt. She is traumatized to see Zofia's corpse beneath a rock beside her, and is grabbed by Colt to help her escape from the area. Udo, who had been with them, breaks off to check on Zofia, however, the crowd separates Udo before trampling him in the pandemonium. Colt and Gabi are forced to take cover behind rubble, and wait for the panicked crowd to pass them. Later on, they flee the area that had become a battlefield between the Attack and War Hammer Titans, after recovering Udo's mangled form. She asks Colt about how Udo is, but he is unable to give her a straight answer, saying they should go to the hospital instead.[33]

They get to a hospital and Colt begs a doctor to take a look at Udo, but the doctor refuses, stating that their beds are full and Udo is already dead. Disheartened, Colt puts Udo's corpse on the ground and asks Gabi to stay with her family and get as far away from the plaza as possible while he goes to look for Falco, ensuring her that the Warrior Unit will defeat the invading Titans. However, she refuses, and announces that she will go to fight too, because she cannot understand why Udo and Zofia were killed. She then runs towards the battle zone, as Colt vainly tries to stop her.[34]

Gabi declares her intentions to kill Eren

Gabi declares her intentions to kill Eren

Finding a convoy of reinforcements, Gabi requests to be allowed in one of the cars, but the gate guards order her to go home. At that moment, the area is attacked by the Survey Corps, who strike the soldiers with bombs and bullets. As one of the guards tells Gabi to run, he is also killed by a sniper and Gabi spots his killer, Sasha Blouse, atop a nearby roof.

Gabi watches as Sasha and Connie flee from the scene, and then grabs the rifle left by one of the fallen guards. She runs towards the plaza, where Eren has been trapped by the War Hammer Titan, and the Survey Corps are facing Zeke, Galliard, and Pieck. Looking for Eren, Gabi runs towards the battle holding the rifle and declaring that she will kill him.[35] She later joins Magath and Falco near the battlefield, where she witnesses the transformation of the Colossus Titan at the nearby port. The shock-wave knocks the three off their feet, though they are unharmed. They then watch as the Beast Titan and the Cart Titan are overpowered by the Survey Corps, when Falco runs to the Cart Titan's side and begs for the fighting to stop.[36]

Falco and Gabi look over Pieck

Falco and Gabi look over Pieck

Under Magath's orders, Gabi assists Falco in rescuing Pieck, while Magath and other Marleyan soldiers hold off the Survey Corps.[37] They later take refuge inside a building, and Falco and Gabi watch astonished the state Pieck has been left in. Falco observes that her injuries are so serious that her body is not repairing itself fast enough, and Gabi adds that the Cart Titan is not as tough as some of the others, including the Armored Titan. Gabi asks Falco about Reiner, and Falco responds that he does not know, as he was below the building behind the stage during Eren's attack, and he thinks that they should not disturb him. Gabi is shocked at Falco's words, reminding him that Udo, Zofia and many others have been killed by Eren.

Gabi then notices something out of the window, and she, as well as Magath, Galliard and other soldiers are surprised to see an airship coming to Liberio to aid the Survey Corps.[38]

Gabi and Falco call for Reiner to help Galliard

Gabi and Falco call for Reiner to help Galliard

The children soon witness the Attack Titan defeating and trying to bite through the nape of the Jaw Titan, which prompts them to yell desperately for Reiner to save him. Their screams are successful as Reiner surfaces in an un-armored Titan form and manages to take Galliard away from Eren, although he is knocked down by him. When Eren retreats with Mikasa Ackerman, Gabi decides that she will not let them escape, and takes a rifle as she runs out of the building in their pursuit, while Falco tries to stop her.[39]

Eventually, Falco catches up with Gabi and says there is no point in going after the airship, but she tells him that despite how she is treated in the internment zone, it is still her home and she cannot forgive anyone who attacks it. She refuses to listen to Falco's suggestion that the "island devils" have been similarly invaded, insisting that killing them is normal, and they are not like the Eldians in the interment zone.[40]

Gabi realizes she can get on the airship

Gabi realizes how she can get on the airship

Gabi sees an enemy soldier grappling to the airship above her and shoots him in the head. His body falls with his weapon and equipment still tethered to the airship. Gabi tests the weapon and, after asking Falco to tell her family and superiors that she fought to the end, activates the trigger to reel up to the airship. At the last moment, Falco grabs onto the corpse and is taken with her. Upon reaching the airship, Gabi rolls inside and fires her rifle at the group of Survey Corps soldiers. The bullet hits a woman in the chest and both Gabi and Falco are taken prisoner. She yells that they are carrying out Zeke's will and that the soldier holding her can tell their ringleader that the true Eldians will curse them into their graves. The soldier invites Gabi to tell him in person and takes her and Falco into another back room. Gabi is stunned to see the ringleader is actually their Warchief, Zeke Yeager, who is still alive.[41]

After arriving at Paradis Island, Gabi and Falco are escorted away by a member of the Military Police and put into a prison cell.[42]

Unnamed final arc

Sometime later, Gabi begins feigning a seizure, attracting the attention of her guard. When the guard attempts to check on her, she uses a brick concealed in her clothes to beat him. Gabi and a regretful Falco then hide the guard under her bed, before the two flee the prison. Gabi, still shaken by Zeke's betrayal, laments that she can no longer trust anyone.[43] Early the next morning, they stop at a river. Falco notices that Gabi still has her Eldian armband on and tells her to remove it. Gabi does not and claims that a civilian would not know what it means and there would not be any soldiers out this far. She tells Falco she will most likely not return back to Marley and resolves to track down Zeke in order to ask why he betrayed Marley before she either gets recaptured or killed.[44]

Gabi asks why Falco followed her

Gabi takes back her armband and asks why Falco followed her

Gabi tells Falco that he does not have to follow her and can do as he pleases; Falco responds by tearing off Gabi's armband. Seeing it removed drives Gabi into a frenzy and she throws Falco to the ground. She demands he return it, seeing herself being the same as the island devils without it. On the verge of tears, Gabi asks why Falco followed her when a girl named Kaya comes out of the forest. When asked what they are doing out here on their own, Gabi claims they ran away from home and discreetly tries to pick up a large rock to attack the girl. As the girl invites them both to her home, Falco takes the rock away from Gabi.[45] They reach the house and Gabi ponders whether to take a horse to escape, believing that she killed the guard and the military will now be looking for them. When Falco insists they stay for a few days, Gabi refuses and does not wish to eat with devils. As the farmer asks why they are here, Gabi is somewhat surprised to hear a southern Marley dialect coming from him. As Gabi is given some breakfast, Lisa Blouse pats her on the head; this causes Gabi to shriek and quickly swat Lisa's hand away. Falco persuades her to eat and, eventually, Gabi does comply.[46]

Falco stops Gabi

Gabi tries to stab Kaya

Later, Gabi and Falco work in the stables, when one of the horses starts to nibble on Gabi's head. This causes her to lose her balance and she claims that the devils caused it to happen. She insists that they can not get any information while staying here, but Falco believes that either Colt or Reiner will be coming for them both. As they take a lunch break outside, Gabi begins to tear into Kaya with her indoctrinated belief that Eldians should not pretend to be good humans. Falco interjects, but both are stunned to hear Kaya mention that she knows they are from Marley. As Falco stammers for an excuse, Gabi moves towards a pitchfork and tries to stab Kaya with it. Falco has to wrestle the pitchfork away from her, while she claims that they are being deceived as Eldians can not be this kind. Kaya takes them both to her old village and shows them where her mother was eaten by a Titan.

Kaya insists on her mother's innocence

Gabi is stunned by Kaya's confrontation

She asks Gabi why they deserve to be hated so much, who responds by recounting the atrocities of the Eldian Empire, and says that they should not act as if they are victims. Kaya states that her entire family was born in this area and never did anything wrong. Caught off guard, Gabi responds, beginning a heated back and forth between them. This is halted by Falco, who explains that Kaya's village was caught in a test of the Walled country's strength. Gabi bitterly chastises Falco for revealing this. Kaya offers to take them to a restaurant where other Marleyans work, giving them a possible route way back to Marley. Gabi is surprised and asks why she would do that.[47]

Nicolo attacks Gabi

Nicolo attacks Gabi on learning her true identity

After arriving at the restaurant where Nicolo is working at, Gabi is nervous but Kaya claims that he is from Marley and can be trusted. She participates in the meal and is surprised by how good it is. Seeing Falco excuse himself, Gabi goes along with his story and they both seek out Nicolo. Finding him in the basement, Gabi reveals herself and Falco as part of the Warrior cadets from Marley. Seeing his confused face, Gabi describes how they smuggled themselves aboard the airship used by the Survey Corps during the Raid on Liberio. When Nicolo warily asks if they killed anyone, Gabi excitedly confirms that she killed a female soldier. As Falco tries getting her attention, Gabi fails to see Nicolo grab a wine bottle and become enraged at seeing her announce she was Sasha's killer. He goes to strike her with the bottle but Falco takes the blow.[48] Nicolo punches Gabi in the face and brings them both to the dining room area. Gabi hears Nicolo reveal her and Falco's true identities in front of the stunned Blouse family and that if Mr. Blouse does not kill her, Nicolo will. When he threatens to slice Falco's neck, she pleads with him to not harm Falco as she is the one responsible. Gabi then berates Nicolo for being seduced by the island devils, but becomes riddled with fear when Mr. Blouse asks for the knife. Seeing him handle the knife but not express anger and fear at her causes Gabi to realize the people of Eldia are perhaps not the devils she was raised to believe.[49] One of the soldiers, Mikasa, deflects an attack by a grief-stricken Kaya and helps tend to Gabi's injuries.

After being led to a back room, Gabi asks Mikasa why she did not allow Kaya to kill her after everything she has done but does not get a response. She then requests that they kill her, but spare Falco for he had no part in her actions.[50] Soon, Eren arrives unexpectedly and Gabi sits with all three while they talk. She stays silent after hearing them discuss Eren's recent actions, nervously looking at Eren's sliced open hand. Gabi is shocked when Armin attacks Eren after verbally abusing Mikasa and watches the two briefly fight. As both Mikasa and Armin are ordered to be taken to Shiganshina District, Eren orders his followers to have Gabi taken as well.[51]

Eren asks for Gabi's help

Eren asks for Gabi's cooperation in exchange for Falco's safety

In a prison cell in Shiganshina, Gabi recalls the Blouse family weeping at the restaurant, but convinces herself that they are still the enemy. Suddenly, Eren Yeager enters her cell accompanied by two guards in military uniforms. In exchange for saving Falco's life, he asks her to cooperate with him by making a radio call for help, which would make the Paradis infiltrators react. Gabi is overcome with fear and is unable to move. Just then, one of the guards stabs the other in the neck and points her gun at Eren. Gabi recognizes the guard as Pieck, but is quickly silenced by her.[52]

Pieck orders Gabi to use the dead guard's rifle to hold Eren at gunpoint, but orders her to stand down once Eren correctly deduces that neither of them have permission to harm him. To Gabi's horror, Pieck claims that she desires to join Eren in overthrowing Marley, and attempts to turn her gun on Pieck before being disarmed. Pieck agrees to show Eren where her comrades are hiding as a sign of her loyalty, and she and Gabi are then handcuffed together before travelling to the roof of the Yeagerist headquarters. As they make their way to the roof, Gabi asks to know where Falco has been taken and is shocked to learn that he has ingested some of Zeke's spinal fluid.

Upon reaching the roof, Pieck shields Gabi as Galliard's Titan bursts from within the building to eat Eren. Gabi is overjoyed to learn that Pieck has not betrayed Marley, and is thrilled to see the Marleyan air force arriving over Paradis.[53] Pieck has Galliard cut off her arm so that she can transform and uses her Titan form to flee to safety with Gabi.[54]

Gabi and Pieck rendezvous with a group of soldiers led by Magath. Although Gabi is relieved to see Magath again, she regretfully informs him and Colt that Falco has ingested Zeke's spinal fluid and been imprisoned. As the soldiers discuss possible reasons that Eren has not used the Founding Titan yet, Gabi recalls Zeke's claim that Paradis has now a Titan of royal blood; this leads the soldiers to hypothesize that he was talking about himself, and that Eren has to be in contact with him in order to activate the Founder.[55]

Falco reveals his motivation to Gabi

Gabi hears Falco's reasons for joining the Warriors

Gabi refuses Colt's demand to escape in the airship while he rescues Falco, stating that she too wants to save him since she is the one who dragged him into all of that mess and caused all of that trouble for the Marleyan army.[56] Gabi then stops Colt from killing Nile Dok by surprise while they were hiding, and the two run away with Falco without casualties. Colt wonders why Gabi trusted an enemy that let them escape with Falco, and she states that she finally understands the truth about the people whom she believed were devils; she regrets killing Sasha and apologizes to Falco for her actions.[57] After hearing Falco's reasons for joining the Warrior program (and his attempts to surpass her and be selected as the Armored Titan), Gabi agrees with Colt's reasoning that Zeke will be resistant to transforming the Eldians once he learns Falco is among them.

As Colt and Falco are confronting Zeke about Falco's predicament, Gabi arrives with a horse and tries to convince Falco to flee out of range of Zeke's scream with her. However, before she can get any closer, Zeke screams and Falco is transformed into a Pure Titan. As Falco attacks Reiner and Galliard, Gabi sees that Colt was killed by Falco's transformation and retrieves his anti-Titan rifle from his corpse.

Gabi shoots Eren in the neck

Gabi fatally shoots Eren

As Eren leaves his Titan to reunite with Zeke, a tearful Gabi spots him and takes aim, firing a round through Eren's neck and decapitating him.[58]


As a member of the Marleyan army and candidate to inherit the Armored Titan power, Gabi has undergone a thorough military training. She is a very resourceful individual, creating a make-shift bomb in the midst of the battle of Fort Slava. She also had the idea of simulating her surrender in order to launch the bomb from a more favorable position.[11]

She is noted by many to be the most favorable candidate to inherit the Armored Titan, though Udo implied that his grades were better than Gabi's.[8] It can be assumed that her hand to hand combat prowess are considerably superior to those of Falco, since he lamented his poor performance as a candidate while having several noticeable injuries on his face after one of their sparring sessions.[59]


  • Falco Grice - Gabi appears to care for Falco as a fellow Eldian and comrade in the fight against the Mid-East Allied Forces, showing worry at the sight of his wounds when his brother returns with him and calmly re-explaining their objective to him when he shows signs of drowsiness from being hurt. Gabi cared enough to help in the treating of Falco's wounds and was kind and light-hearted towards him while they hid from the enemy.[14] Despite this, Gabi can be hostile towards Falco, threatening to report him to the authorities for looking at her funnily,[60] and condescending him for bringing a wounded soldier back to the trench.[61] However, it appears that Falco may have a soft spot for Gabi, as he expressed great worry when she risked her life against several mid-eastern gunmen. When one survived Gabi's attack and tried to kill her, Falco, in turn, risked his life by running from their hiding place to attempt to push her out of the line of fire.[62] While they have sparred back and forth on Paradis, she still harbors some affection towards Falco; when Falco got injured protecting her from Nicolo, Gabi pleads with the Marleyan to let him go and not injure him further.[63]
  • Udo - As with her other comrades, Gabi interacted positively with Udo and was kind to him, as he was among the many people she saved by risking her life.[64] However, Gabi was not above putting Udo in his place when he lashed out or started breaking under the pressure of war.[65]
  • Porco Galliard - Gabi appears to show great admiration and trust towards Galliard. She was overcome with joy when she witnessed him save her life and she appears to idolize him as someone who acquired the power of the Titans, as she one day hopes to.[66]
  • Reiner Braun - Gabi is fond of her cousin Reiner and cares about him. During the battle at Fort Slava, she watched him fight, wishing nothing happened to him. Later on, she was very pleased to see him again.[67] She strives to prove to him that she is the best possible candidate to inherit Reiner's Armored Titan ability, despite not knowing that Reiner is working to prevent her from being chosen. She is shown to care for Reiner's feelings, sympathizing with him for time on Paradis Island, and stopping her father from reminding him of his time there.[68]
  • Zeke Yeager - As the Warchief of the Marley Warriors, Gabi respected Zeke and held him in high regards. The revelation that Zeke was one of the main perpetrators behind the assault on Marley in Liberio profoundly affected Gabi and presumably severed any relationship between them.
  • Eren Yeager - Gabi has a burning desire to kill Eren for attacking Marley and causing the deaths of her friends. Despite being told that he attacked only in response to Marley attacking his home first, Gabi still views him as an enemy and an "island devil" that must be killed. On the numerous occasions Gabi has come into contact with Eren, she has frozen up in fear, however.[69]
  • Kaya - Gabi initially hated her because of her nationality and tried to kill her twice.[70][71] She did, however, acknowledged how kind Kaya was to Falco and her despite them being enemies. Her discussion with Kaya about the Eldians' crimes appears to shake Gabi; though at first she was as aggressive as usual when the topic was discussed, she felt uneasy when Kaya told her about her past.[72]

People killed

Failed attempts


Isayama's initial sketch of Gabi

Isayama's initial sketch of Gabi Braun


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