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The Galliard family (ガリアード家 Gariādo-ke?) is an Eldian family living in Liberio under the rule of Marley government. It is the family where Porco Galliard and Marcel Galliard and hail from.


Marcel was devoured by Ymir

At a young age, Marcel and Porco joined the Marleyan military to become Warriors. They were both certified Warrior candidates and were shortlisted to receive the Power of the Titans. Marcel was a candidate for the Jaw Titan and inherited it from his predecessor, while Porco was a candidate for the Armored Titan, but Reiner Braun obtained it rather than him. This was due to Marcel's intercession, who managed to give his brother a bad reputation as he did not want him to become a Titan and have his lifespan reduced.[1]

In year 845, the Paradis Island Operation began and Marcel left Marley while Porco stayed behind. During the mission, Marcel was devoured by a Pure Titan.[2]


Marley arc

Porco's Jaw Titan during the battle at Fort Slava

Porco, in his Titan form, fights at the battle of Fort Slava. After Marley wins the war, Porco gets back to Liberio and sees his parents again.[3]

Following the battle of Fort Slava, Galliard watches over Reiner as he recovers from his injuries following the battle. When Reiner awakens, he thanks Galliard for saving him in Fort Slava, but Galliard coldly takes his gratitude. Galliard then explains that he did not inherit his brother's memories, but he did inherit Ymir's memories and harshly berates Reiner for needing to be saved by his comrades so often, including Marcel, whose death Galliard holds Reiner accountable for. Reiner eventually leaves after Pieck joins them, and Galliard stays behind with Pieck.[3]

Mr. and Mrs. Galliard are later seen in Liberio with the rest of the Eldian survivors.[3]