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Genesis of the Wings of Hope (冀望の原点 Kibō no Genten?) is the 4th and final chapter of the 14th volume and the 52nd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


After Xavi notes that the number of trainees has dropped, Carlo informs him the remaining number will be ready. Kuklo and Cardina notify Carlo of their thoughts and are told they must see how the trainees handle fear. Elsewhere, Rosa formally meets with Sharle and after talking, the two realize they are more similar to each other than they thought.


Carlo assures Xavi about the trainees

Xavi meets with Carlo and observes the number of trainees has dwindled down to only 17; he subtly insults the captain on if it was wise showing the trainees the threat of Titans so soon in the program. Jorge comes to his son's defense and states it was necessary due to the short amount of time. Glancing at Kuklo and Cardina, Xavi questions if there will be any trainees left by the time of the expedition but Carlo remains firm in his belief the remaining number will be ready. Xavi then takes his leave to report to Gloria on the progress. After he leaves, Jorge asks the two teens what their thoughts are. Cardina says that while there have been no further dropouts, some are still showing signs of hesitation. Carlo reminds them that all humans have some degree of fear of Titans, and suggests they watch to see how each one handles that fear.

Rosa is still in her room shivering from fear when she hears a knock at the door and Sharle's voice asking to come in. Composing herself, Rosa helps her; Sharle expresses amazement that Rosa had an entire room, and Rosa admits with a smile that having the only girl sleep in an all boys dorm was probably not the best idea. After sharing pleasantries, Rosa admits that she knew about Sharle when she arrived with Angel and when Kuklo mentioned her while recovering; hearing this and Rosa asking if they are a couple causes Sharle to blush. Sharle admits to Rosa that she is not sure and reveals that she first wanted to kill Kuklo due to believing he was an actual spawn of a Titan. Rosa calls Sharle strong for not backing down and wanting to fight against a (presumed) Titan at such a young age; Sharle calls Rosa the same for applying to learn how to use the equipment and is essentially guaranteed to join the Survey Corps.

Sharle and Rosa become friends

After a pause, Sharle admits that she loves Kuklo but is not certain if he feels the same way about her; due to Rosa having the same look in her eyes, Sharle can tell Rosa likes him too. A moment passes and Rosa realizes that she ultimately wanted to be Kuklo and admires him for his will and conviction in making his beliefs a reality. Rosa offers to become friends with Sharle and the latter is happy as well for having a friend her own age for the first time. Rosa offers to introduce Sharle to the rest of her squad mates, and makes a promise to do her hardest to join the Survey Corps with all her friends. The next day, during the aptitude test, Rosa manages to stay balanced and Kuklo informs her that she has passed the test.

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