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Genie of the Lamp (ランプの魔人ジニー Ranpu no Majin Jīnī?) is the 9th chapter of the 1st volume and the 9th chapter overall of the Spoof on Titan manga, written and illustrated by hounori.


While cleaning for Captain Levi, Eren Yeager discovers a genie in a lamp, but the genie looks like Connie Springer and is not as powerful as Eren would like.


The genie looks like Connie

Eren grumbles about his work while cleaning for Captain Levi and misses his life in the 104th Training Corps. Finding a dirty lamp, he proceeds to polish it, which summons the genie inside. To his surprise, the genie looks like Connie and says he will grant Eren one wish.

The genie says that he is not Connie and appreciates the rhythm with which Eren had been unintentionally polishing his lamp. He asks for Eren's wish and Eren wishes for the extermination of all the Titans. The genie says that is too ambitious and asks for something else. Eren then wishes to be the strongest warrior in the world and the genie rebuffs him a second time.

Eren and the genie bicker over his wish

Disappointed for wasting time with the genie, Eren grumbles and goes back to cleaning, knowing that Levi will chew him out if he takes too long. Hearing Eren's words, the genie says he can help with that. The genie then cleans the room by hand rather than magic and claims he can now head home with his head held high since he granted a wish, but Eren says he never wished for that.

Between the two of them though, the room becomes sparkling clean. Out of gratitude, Eren changes his mind and says that he owes the genie one and that will be his wish. The genie goes home to his lamp and Eren thinks that it feels like he was talking to Connie. Levi arrives and is impressed with the cleaning job.

Elsewhere, Connie yawns and tells Jean that he had a dream where he was cleaning with Eren.

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