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Gerald (ゲラルド Gerarudo?)[1] is a former member of the King Fritz's assembly. After a successful uprising led by Scout Regiment commander Erwin Smith, he is imprisoned by the military.


He is a middle-aged man with short, blond hair kept straight, and a long jawline. He has a few wrinkles on his face, a thin mustache, and sunken looking bright eyes. He dresses in the uniform of the military, and also wears a bolo tie, signifying his high official rank.


Gerald is a selfish man, who values his own interest over that of the citizens of the Walls. As part of the ruling council, he was prepared to disband the Scout Regiment under false pretenses, to further secure his own position in ruling. When Dot Pyxis states that he finds killing humans to be madness, the aristocrat laughs at this notion, displaying his disregard for others in the process.


Royal Government arc

Gerald is a part of an audience held with other nobles in the presence of King Fritz. He is unhappy to hear that Djel Sannes failed to get any information from interrogating Pastor Nick.[2]

In another meeting with the assembly to discuss what information they have been able to gather, Aurille voices his concerns with the Scouts discovering their role in Nick's death if they are not careful, but Gerald argues that what the Scouts discover at this point does not matter. The meeting is interrupted by the arrival of a letter from Rod Reiss informing them that he has captured Eren and Historia, and is making his move against the Scouts.[3]

After Erwin Smith is arrested, Gerald pays the commander a visit in his jail cell. Apologizing for keeping him waiting, Gerald informs Erwin that his interrogation is beginning.

Gerald with the other nobles

Following the interrogation, Gerald reports to the rest of the assembly that he was unable to gain any information from Erwin, positing that Erwin must not have learned anything from Nick. He assures the rest of the council that Historia can make any claim she wants about her name, but will have no proof to back up her claims. Their meeting is interrupted with news that Erwin has arrived for his trial, and the men all set out for the court room, ready to sentence him to death.[4]

Beginning the trial, Gerald and his fellow assemblymen deflect all of Erwin's arguments for the survival of the Scout Regiment, instead focusing on his supposed breach of the Charter of Humanity. Gerald points out that Erwin has refused to hand Eren Jaeger over to the government numerous times in the past, arguing that this fact is proof of his desire to control Eren rather than aid humanity. He then questions Dot Pyxis as to whether he has been acting as Erwin's accomplice, noting the close working relationship he and Erwin have.

Gerald receives news about Wall Rose's breach

The trial is interrupted when word is brought that Wall Rose has been breached by Titans. Gerald and the other assemblymen gather and quickly agree to close off the gates to prevent refugees from entering. As the assemblymen discuss the Reiss family obtaining "it" in a few days, they are interrupted by Dhalis Zachary who reveals the news of an attack was a ruse and declares them unfit to lead. Gerald is then arrested and removed from power.[5]

After being overthrown, Gerald and his comrades are repeatedly tortured by Zachary. Confident that Rod will be able to erase the populace's memories once he has recovered the Coordinate, the nobles do not bother trying to keep anything secret, and freely give away all of the government's secrets.[6]

After Rod Reiss is finally defeated and Historia is crowned as the queen, Gerald is seen inside a prison.[7]