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Gimme Bread, Whoa Whoa (Gimme bread パンをください。ウォウウォウ。 Pan o kudasai. Wou wou.?) is the 1st side story of the 7th volume of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


For the last few days, Sharle has given Kuklo some bread when she arrives at the school in the morning. However, Kuklo insists that he wants to try one of the hard to buy sweet bean buns sold at the school store on campus. Will Sharle be able to teach Kuklo how to properly interact with others and buy one of the few sweet bean buns available?


Sharle finds herself running late again for school and bumps into another Titan student carrying a volleyball. Kuklo arrives and once again protects her from the Titan; when Sharle tries to give Kuklo some bread, she is shocked to see him refuse it. He proclaims that he wants one of the sweet bean buns offered at the school.

Kuklo describes that there are only a select few offered throughout the day and most are quickly gone when the school store opens at noon. He notes that many students have fought one another simply to buy one of the highly sought after buns, and must train so he can fight the other students off. Just then, Xavi arrives with a large group of his classmates; admonishing Sharle for talking with Kuklo again, Xavi prepares to fight the youth only for Kuklo to uproot a nearby tree and glare at him for interrupting his training.

Over the next few days, Kuklo continues his efforts when Sharle gets an idea to help him; due to Kuklo only knowing the taste of the regular white bread Sharle kept giving him, she recruits several bakery chefs to help teach him the different flavors and tastes of baked goods. This quickly goes off the rails as Kuklo begins stuffing his face and eating everything in sight. Eventually, the chefs run out of baking materials and give Sharle the last sweet bun they have. Sharle throws it in the air and Kuklo grabs it with his teeth; hearing that this is a bun similar to the one he craves to get from the school, Kuklo thanks Sharle for giving it to him.

The following day, Kuklo goes through one more test with Sharle going through the motions of purchasing a bun from the store. After passing, he decides to go to the store and buy one properly, but is dismayed to find that the store takes money and refuses his payment of leaves and pine cones. Sharle then gives Kuklo the exact amount for a bun and they go buy a sweet bun for him.

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