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Quote1.png So I decided to drive out all of the Titans and give the students of Titan Junior High a normal childhood. Quote2.png
— Erwin reveals his motive to his students

Give Back that Resignation Letter! (かえして! 退職願 Kaeshite! Taishokunega?) is the 5th chapter of the 4th volume and the 28th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Junior High manga, written and illustrated by Saki Nakagawa.


Although Eren has torn up Mr. Smith's resignation letter, the latter pulls out another copy and entrusts the future of the school and the Survey Club to Eren. However, after recalling the beginning of his grudge against the Titans and hearing Eren's emotional plea, Mr. Smith tells the students about a book he read on how the school used to be before the Titans arrived. Suddenly, the principal appears over the Wall holding Mr. Smith's resignation letter.


Erwin shows the students his scars

As pieces of Erwin's resignation letter fall to the ground, Eren, along with the other students gathered, accuses Mr. Smith of lying about hurting the Titans. Exasperated, Nile yells at Eren for tearing up the resignation letter which prompts Erwin to reveal a second copy he had kept prepared for such a situation. Seeing that the students are still in disbelief, Erwin unbuttons his shirt to reveal the scars on his chest left by the Titans as a result of him defying them.

He reveals that he hurt the Titans as payback for their deeds toward him when he was young, but Eren justifies his actions as a fair fight. Just then, another student questions if Erwin's benevolent personality had only been a pretense to cover up for his grudge against the Titans. All the students intently look toward Mr. Smith for an answer, who turns around and tells them he is resigning as he no longer intends on lying to them. Fastening his shirt, Erwin entrusts the school and his legacy to Eren and begins to recall the day it all began.

Eren attempts to punch Erwin

While punishing a group of Titan students for stealing a first year student's food, one of the Titans hits its head against the wall in an attempt to escape Mr. Smith. Despite his warning, the Titans present a complaint to the principal, without revealing the offender's identity. News of the encounter soon spreads throughout the school as Erwin accepts his inevitable punishment because of his concern about the school's fate had he left the situation unchecked.

His thoughts are disrupted by Eren who insists that the Titans are responsible for starting the encounter, and even for the sake of the beatification club, he will not submit to them. Erwin smiles and begins to walk away from the students when suddenly Eren throws a punch at him from behind, which he swiftly dodges. After several failed lunges, he brings Eren down to the floor. Lying defeated on the floor, Eren mocks Erwin for entrusting the school to someone as weak as he is and firmly requests that Mr. Smith not leave.

Erwin reconciles with his students

Moved by Eren's words, he tells everyone present about a book he read when he was a student. The book was about a time when there were no Titans in the school and students lived their lives without being in fear of them. Soon, Erwin was absorbed in the book and made it his mission to drive out all the Titans from Junior High and to give the students a normal childhood but despite all his attempts, his dream was only driven further away. Overwhelmed with emotions, Eren and the others insist on fighting alongside Erwin and assure him that they would not allow him to quit. As Nile returns with the resignation letter, he is dismayed to see the students chanting Mr. Smith's name, in contrast to what he expected to see. The students spot Nile and after a brief chase, they beat him up when he refuses to let go of the letter. One of the students points to the principal, who unexpectedly appears over the Wall, with the resignation letter in its hand.

Meanwhile in the judo club, Reiner and the other members learn that the female Titans in the club are extremely cute. As Reiner envisions a Titan resembling Krista, some members decide to sneak into the Titans' judo club, only to be later discovered by the Titans as they scream for help.

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