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Quote1.png So we all thought...if only the Titans didn't exist. I understand very well the feeling of wanting to exterminate the Eldians. And when I thought about this endless question...I arrived on a single answer. Quote2.png
— Willy Tybur anticipates announcing his solution

Good to See (よかったな Yokatta Na?) is the 4th and final chapter of the 24th volume and the 98th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


Following a military meeting one month after the war, the Warriors watch the candidates finish a training run, after which Falco Grice admits to Gabi Braun that he has been trying to outrank her for her sake. The candidates later visit the site of Willy Tybur's upcoming stage in Liberio, and nearby Tybur converses with Magath concerning the fate of Marley. In a nearby hospital, Kruger meets Grisha's father.

On the eve of the Liberio festival, Willy announces that he will reveal his plan to solve the Titan problem tomorrow night. The candidates enjoy the festival the next day, and before Willy's announcement Falco leads Reiner Braun aside to meet Kruger. Reiner recognizes Kruger as Eren Yeager in disguise, who says that he is glad to see Reiner has made it home.


The Warriors watch the candidates train

One month after the Marley Mid-East War, a military meeting is held where Reiner Braun explains their possible methods of invading Paradis Island, going into detail concerning benefits and weaknesses in all options. Tired of Reiner's meandering explanations, the Marleyan officer cuts the meeting short. The Warriors head outside to contemplate the merit of their leaders while watching the candidates train in the yard. As Pieck Finger wonders about the Eldians' fate in the future, Reiner notices Falco Grice overtaking Gabi Braun and the candidates' celebration afterward, though Colt does not believe his brother will be able to outrank Gabi in time. Galliard tells him that the selection standards are vague, and Colt replies that the Marleyan military would not make such a decision and that there is no reason to turn Falco into a Titan. Zeke interrupts and asks him if he is making light of the honor of inheriting one of the Nine Titans, Colt apologizes, and Zeke guesses he is just being a big brother. The candidates leave the yard, and Zeke leads Colt aside for a game of catch.

As the candidates depart, Gabi expresses her frustration with Falco's determination to beat her, pointing out that the Grice family will be made honorary Marleyans anyway once Colt inherits the Beast Titan. Falco admits that he is trying to outrank Gabi for her sake, which confuses her. Falco runs off in embarrassment, and the remaining candidates visit the stage under construction in the Liberio internment zone, where the Tybur family will announce their plan for war against Paradis Island for the sake of the Eldians' reputation. Udo notes the world's mutual hatred for Marley, as well as the fact from his personal experience that other nations of the world despise the Eldians even more than Marley. Gabi assures her comrades that they must do their best to win the favor of the ambassadors. Not far off, the candidates notice Commander Magath speaking with someone.

Willy congratulates Magath on his upcoming rise into power

In front of the stage, Willy Tybur expresses his pride in its construction. Magath presents him with information concerning his "house," which Willy notes is in need of demolition. He congratulates Magath on his future promotion to general of all Marley's military forces, though Magath humbly reminds Willy of his standing as the true leader of Marley. Willy tells Magath of the weight his position carries, unable to let go of the responsibilities of his power. Changing the subject, Magath informs Willy that some posts in his "house" were still usable, from whom he has learned that his "house" may contain rats.

At the hospital, Falco pays Kruger a visit, who thanks him for delivering his letters over the past month. Falco notices a baseball and mitt by Kruger's side, wondering if it was a gift from his family, and Kruger tells Falco that he will be returning to his home after the festival. A man approaches them, and Falco takes his leave. The old man sits with Kruger, introducing himself as a physician named Yeager, and he tells Kruger about the history of Falco's family and the ties the boy's uncle had with the Eldian Restorationists as well as the group's fate. Yeager tells Kruger that to save their family's reputation, Colt and Falco agreed to train as Warriors. He urges for Kruger to stop sending Falco on his errands, lest the Grice family come under suspicion of treasonous actions once again, and he suggests Kruger should return to his family without regrets. Suspecting Yeager might have regrets of his own, Kruger asks him about it, and Yeager admits that he holds many regrets over the fate of his son and daughter. Believing that he was responsible for his children's fates, Yeager suddenly starts to scream and some doctors escort him away. Left by himself, Kruger tosses his baseball upward.

Willy shares a memory with Nambia

That night, on the eve of the festival, the candidates prepare themselves to serve the many ambassadors who have come to Liberio. Udo becomes frustrated upon hearing some ambassadors speak ill of his race, and he accidentally spills wine on the kimono of an ambassador from Hizuru. Worrying for Udo's safety, the ambassador plays it off as if she had spilled it on herself, telling Udo to keep quiet. Elsewhere in the dining hall, Willy greets ambassadors Ogweno and Nambia, along with other childhood friends, and Gabi realizes that he was the one conversing with Magath earlier. The festivities come to a halt when the Marleyan ambassador greets the gathering with a crude and awkward speech. He is gracefully sent aside by Willy, who gives his own speech to the ambassadors. Expressing his desire to rid the world of the Titan scourge which has been the cause of concern for many nations, Willy announces that he will declare his solution for the crisis tomorrow night following the Liberio internment zone festival.

The next morning, Gabi wakes up to the ruckus of the festival outside. Joining her friends, Reiner spends much of his money paying for food for the candidates. By the end of the festival, Gabi is stuffed to the point where Reiner must drag her away. Commenting on all the new experiences in her life, Gabi believes that something will soon change.

Reiner and Eren reunite

That night, the ambassadors gather before the Tybur stage awaiting Willy's announcement. Falco approaches Reiner, asking to lead him aside for something. Galliard reminds him that they must be seated on time, but Zeke believes there is enough time before the curtain will rise. Falco leads Reiner away to a basement where he introduces him to Kruger, who remarks that it has been four years since he and Reiner had last seen each other. Reiner immediately recognizes Kruger as Eren Yeager, and Eren admits that it is good to see that Reiner has made it to his hometown.

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