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Got a Problem? Big Bro's Got Your Back (困った時は兄貴におまかせ!! Komatta Toki wa Aniki ni Omakase!!?) is the 16th chapter of the 1st volume and the 16th chapter overall of the Spoof on Titan manga, written and illustrated by hounori.


Reiner Braun is always dependable. He can stop nosebleeds, he can sew, and he even volunteers to be held responsible for a pillow fight. Reiner is everyone's big brother, whether he wants to be or not.


In the middle of the night, Eren badly wants to have a pillow fight, even knowing that the instructors will get mad if the trainees have one. Fortunately, Reiner tells everyone that they should do it, and he will take responsibility. They call Reiner the best.

Reiner offers to sew Connie's shirt for him

Later, Reiner discovers a hole in Connie's shirt and Connie laments that he does not sew well enough to fix it. Reiner offers to do it for him and Connie's shirt is as good as new. Jean, Ymir, and Sasha start calling Reiner "Mom" in addition to "Big Bro," which Reiner says is weird.

Connie strikes an attractive pose, pulling down the collar of his shirt to "thank" Reiner for mending it, which causes Reiner to snort milk out of his nose. Krista chides Connie for doing that to him and then tends to Reiner so he can get cleaned off. Reiner tells Connie he appreciates the thank-you gift.

Reiner then finds Sasha sneaking bread out of a basket for a snack. She asks Reiner not to say anything to the instructors, but there is too much missing bread to hide. Reiner offers to take a bite so they can be partners in crime, but when Shadis shows up, Sasha sells him out and says that Reiner ate most of it.

Reiner indirectly helps Bertolt score points with Annie

Annie asks Reiner to get a box off the shelf for her while he is reading a magazine, and he tells her that he is busy. She calls him lazy, but Bertolt quickly offers to get the box for her. Annie thanks him and Reiner smiles to himself.

When Reiner gets sick, the other trainees visit him and wish him well, except for Connie and Sasha who only stop by to irritate him. He shouts for them to get out. Once he recovers he leaves the infirmary to let the boys in the barracks know his cold is gone, only to find out that all of them are sick since they have caught his cold. Eren thanks Reiner for taking care of them, but he does not feel that he really has a choice.

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