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great escape is the 2nd ending theme of the Attack on Titan anime and is performed by Japanese alternative rock band Cinema Staff.

It replaced Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai in Episode 14 and was replaced by Yuugure no Tori in Episode 26.


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深い闇を俺は抜け出した。疾風 みたいに逃げ出した。



飢えたけだもの みたいだった、俺達の目。

刺さった刃 やいば をおもいきり抜いて言った。「俺はお前だ」

深い闇を俺は抜け出した。疾風 みたいに逃げ出した。

Tatoeba ore ga orejanai to shite, omae wa omaeda to ii kireru no ka?
Suna no utsuwa o kowashite, koboreta kokoro o hirotte atsume rareru ka?

Dareka no yobu koe ga miminari ni kawatta.
Toki ga tomatta mitaida. Sā, me o samase.

Fukai yami o ore wa nukedashita. Hayate mitai ni nigedashita.
Ikita shikabane mitaidatta oretachi wa, kabe no soto e.

Tatoeba sekai ni hikari ga nai to shite, omae wa omae o mitsuke rareru ka?
Surōmōshon de utsutta keshiki no pīsu o kazoete tsunage rareru ka?

Dareka no nakigoe ga jihibiki ni kawatta.
Zero kara hajimeyou. Saraba, saigo no yoru.

Nagai yume o ore wa nukedashita. Akai karada de nigedashita.
Ueta keda mono mitaidatta, oretachi no me.

Arashi no kanata e fumikomi, te o nobashi,
Sasatta ha yaiba o omoikiri nuite itta. 'Ore wa omaeda'

Fukai yami o ore wa nukedashita. Hayate mitai ni nigedashita.
Ikita shikabane mitaidatta oretachi wa, kabe no soto e.
Mata aou ze, chizu ni nai basho de.

Let's say I am not who I say I am,
can you then say whether you are you?
When your heart breaks into pieces, like a sand glass,
can you pick them up one-by-one?

The voice of someone calling has
changed into ringing in my ears
It seems like time has stopped
Now then, open your eyes

I slipped out of the deep darkness
Like the swift wind, I broke free
Looking like that of a living corpse,
let us go outside of these Walls

If the light in this world were to disappear,
would you still be able to find the true you?
Could you then piece together
the scenery projected in slow motion?

The voice of someone crying is
trembling like an earthquake
Let's start from zero
and bid goodbye to our final night

I slipped away from a long dream
and with this (red) body I escaped
Our eyes were like that of a starved beast

Beyond the storm,
I step in extending my hand
piercing through with all my strength,
the sword slices

"I am you"

I slipped out of the deep darkness
Like the swift wind, I broke free
Looking like that of a living corpse,
let us meet again outside of these Walls
at someplace that's unmapped

Ending Animation

An unseen figure in the robes of the Order of the Walls drops a walnut to the ground, which rolls away rapidly over a brick surface bearing images from the Attack on Titan manga, which descends to reveal a wall bearing imagery of two armies fighting around a green coordinate symbol.

Eren and Mikasa stand against a wall bearing imagery of humanity's exodus to the Walls while fleeing the Titans. Beside them is Armin speaking with Sasha with food, and further down Jean argues with Conny. Around the corner beside a similar wall, Annie stands alone. Reiner stands with a soldierly stance beside Bertholdt, who places his hand on the wall. Further down, Christa argues with her friend.

Beside a ruined and crumbled wall, Mikasa stands with her palms cupped to catch the falling rain. Elsewhere in the rain, Eren rests motionless with sinews and strands of muscle linking his unclothed body to the image of his Titan form on a brick wall. The stones of the wall turn around to reveal the front of Eren's Titan, which begins to move.

A hand bursts through the wall, sending debris flying as Armin, Mikasa, Jean, Sasha, and Conny fight against a Titan in a dark void. Eren's Titan charges the creature as Mikasa comes in for a strike, her blades forming a streak of light which fades to reveal a row of human-like figures forming a wall.

Before a blue sky, the top ten cadets of the 104th Cadet Corps stand in salute, with Armin standing where Marco had been placed. Their image rests on the wall where the walnut continues to rapidly roll downwards, returning to the image of the armies surrounding the green coordinate symbol, now covered in long yellow flowers.

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