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Greater Intimacy Through Self-Defense (護身術で大接近 Goshin-jutsu de dai Sekkin?) is an extra chapter included in the 10th volume of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


Cardina teaches Sharle about self-defense. At first, Sharle is reluctant to attack Kuklo, who is posing as an attacker, but the two begin practicing soon after.


Kuklo, Cardina, and Sharle are standing outside during the day. Cardina announces that he will be teaching self-defense lessons to Sharle, revealing that he had told the workshop that the three of them would be out on a picnic until afternoon. When Sharle tells Cardina that she cannot beat up Kuklo, he reminds her of the importance of self-defense, telling her that there are risks of encountering an attacker even in the Industrial City, adding that she would be better off knowing these lessons and not needing them, than the other way around.

Sharle accidentally kicks Kuklo in the groin

Cardina begins by instructing Kuklo, who is acting as the attacker, to accost Sharle. As Kuklo grabs her shoulder, Sharle cowers in embarrassment, to Cardina's disappointment. She thinks to herself how difficult it is for her to act seriously when Kuklo gets so close. On their second attempt, Cardina tries to ease the awkwardness between the two by telling them they should grab one another, since it is just training. While the two begin practicing more efficiently, they both think they got the other to themselves. Cardina instructs Sharle to kick her opponent once she pulls away from him, but Kuklo slips on a nearby picnic blanket, causing the kick to hit his groin. Kuklo writhes in agony while Sharle apologizes frantically, and Cardina remarks their innocence.

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