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Quote1.png Your sister was killed by a man in Marley Public Security. We have an informant inside the Marley government. There are some things you need to hear. Quote2.png
— Grice recruits Grisha Jaeger into the Restorationists[1]

Grice (グライス Guraisu?) was a former member of the Restorationists.


Grice was a well-built young man of average height with short blond hair and brown eyes. He was seen wearing white collard buttoned shirt and black trousers. As a sign of his affiliation to the Restorationists, he had a cross-shaped scar on his right shoulder.


Grice showed to be open and calm towards Grisha and the rest of the Restorationists in the beginning. However, in the face of danger, it appeared that Grice had a tendency to panic and spoke before he thought. He did not seem to keep a level head when dealing with critical situations.


Grice impressed by Grisha's ability to interpret the ancient texts

During a visit to Grisha Jaeger's clinic, Grice informed him of his sister Fay's fate and offered to tell Grisha more if he would agree to join the Restorationists. Grice is present at the secret meetings of the Restorationists. When Grisha deciphers the ancient documents provided to them by the Owl, Grice is impressed by Grisha's ability to interpret them, but Grisha claims to not understand most of it himself.[1]

Grice lamented Eldia's destruction

Years later, Grice and the other members were arrested for straying from the law and tortured before being sent off to roam on Paradis Island as mindless Titans. Grice was led to the top of the Wall in restraints. Once he found Grisha, Grice felt betrayed, blaming the Restorationists' fate on Grisha and his son. He was kicked off the Wall by Sergeant Major Gross, and left to be fed to the Titans - the remaining members of the Restorationists.[1]