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Grisha's father (グリシャの父 Gurisha no chichi?) is the father of Fay and Grisha Jaeger.


Grisha's father is a middle-aged man with mild wrinkles on his forehead and face. He has short brown hair, round eyes, and wears a formal outfit with a tie underneath his clothing.


At first glance, Grisha's father is a man who is respectful of his and his family's own history, yet he is incredibly scared of the repercussions regarding that. Therefore, he seems to leech on what the higher-ups tell him, as seen when officials are talking about how Grisha and Fay escaped to watch the blimp, he even calls his son an idiot. However, his choice of actions and lifestyle reveal a deep love for his family and children and a desire to see them safe and sound despite the cruelty of the world around them.


Grisha's father demeans himself

Grisha's father demeaned himself

Grisha's father was confronted by a soldier who covered up the cause of Fay's death. He demeaned himself in front of the soldier and assured him that he would teach his foolish son, Grisha, about the ills committed by their ancestors once again. He then explained to Grisha the history of their ancestors, trying to make Grisha understand the consequences of stepping out of line.

After his story, Grisha still attempted to reason with his father and that the soldier was lying. However, Grisha's father did not listen and forcefully reprimanded his son, further saying devils' blood ran through their bodies and urged him not to cause his parents to meet the same fate as Fay and that all they could do was stay in the internment zone and lead simple, quiet, modest lives.[1]

In the year 832, after raising Grisha into adulthood, he witnessed his arrest by the Marley Public Security and as a consequence became the caretaker of Zeke, his grandson.[1]



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