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Grisha Yeager is the father of Eren Yeager and husband of Carla Yeager.


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Quote1 If I knew this was the price to pay for freedom...I never would have paid it. I'm sorry,'ve made a terrible miscalculation. I apologize. I can't hate anything anymore. Quote2
— Grisha faces the consequences of his actions[8]

Grisha Yeager (グリシャ・イェーガー Gurisha Yēgā?) was an Eldian doctor who originated from the Liberio internment zone in Marley, and was one of the Eldian Restorationists.[9] He was sent on a mission from "the Owl" to infiltrate the Walls and take the Founding Titan from the Reiss family, and was given the power of the Attack Titan in order to do so.[10] Grisha was taken inside the Walls by Keith Shadis,[11] and settled in the Shiganshina District.[12] He documented the details about Eldia, Marley, the Titans, and his past in three books that he hid in his basement.[13]

In Marley, he was married to Dina Fritz and had a son named Zeke.[14] After being sent to Paradis Island, he re-married to Carla Yeager and had a second son, Eren Yeager.[15]


Human form

Grisha was a fairly tall, slender man with straight black hair neatly parted down the middle, a thin beard and mustache, and gray eyes. He wore a gray suit with a black vest and a white shirt, a plain bolo tie, and round glasses.[16] On the left side of his chest, he had a large cross scar that he carved into himself as an oath and rite of passage to join the Eldian Restorationists.[9]

Attack Titan form

As the Attack Titan, he was 15 m tall[3] and had a body with a notoriously bulkier torso than his arms and legs. He had long, dark hair, elongated ears, small eyes, and his mouth was covered in flesh and a dark, thick beard along with black chest hair. His Titan form had several similarities with Eren's, including their long dark hair, elongated ears, sunken eyes, and a muscular physique. His Titan form somewhat resembled that of Zeke's Beast Titan in the fact that they both possessed large and wide torsos.


Although he appeared on the surface to be a rather calm, calculated man, Grisha's most notable characteristics were his hard-headed personality and his intense passion for whatever cause he dedicated himself to. Grisha's hard-headed tendency was most evident during his childhood, and usually to his own detriment. This was best exemplified by his decision to ignore his mother's warnings, and take his younger sister outside Liberio's Internment Zone, leading to her eventual demise. Grisha also demonstrated a tendency toward rashness, failing to recognize the danger his behavior put his family in and even looking down on his parents for their subservient nature to the Marley government; this was despite the fact that they were only trying to keep him from suffering the same fate as his sister. It was this same rashness that led him to join the Eldian Restorationists, and to his eventual exile to Paradis Island.

Grisha also seemed to possess a rather profound lack of self-awareness, failing to see the consequences of his actions unless they were presented to him directly. It was this same lack of awareness that led him to ultimately drive an emotional wedge between himself and Zeke, causing Zeke to betray Grisha and his comrades to the Marley government. In his later life, Grisha had been shown to be rather weak-willed. When offered to take up Eren Kruger's mission in the wake of the Restorationists' capture and torture, Grisha initially refused, claiming he would never have joined their cause if he had known the price he would have to pay, although he was later persuaded to accept Kruger's mission due to his strong sense of obligation to his fellow Restorationists.


Faye and Grisha watch the blimp

Grisha and his sister trespassed to watch the blimp land

Grisha was born in Liberio in the year 806 on the continent of Marley. One day, in the year 817, he and his sister ran out of the internment zone chasing after a blimp and were found out by two Public Security Authorities officers. One of the men punished Grisha while the other one took Faye away. After the officer finished beating him, he allowed Grisha to continue watching the airship, stating since Grisha had already trespassed, they might as well continue watching the airship. However, when Grisha returned home. Faye was not there. Her corpse was later found mangled in a river. The Marleyan officers visited the family home and explained that Faye and Grisha were at fault for leaving and denied any knowledge of her death. As Mrs. Yeager was filled with tears, Yeager smiled and explained that he would re-inform his son of their history. He then explained the history of the Eldians and why their ancestors' actions justify their outcast status in Marleyan society. However, Grisha explained that he believed the Marley men were lying and tried to say they killed his sister but Yeager silenced him and the two fought over their situation as Eldians. Yeager tried to convince his son why they needed to be punished but Grisha expressed his belief that they should not have to pay for the actions their ancestors committed.[17]

Eldia Restorationists

Grisha joined the Eldian Restorationists

Grisha continued to live his life being shamed for being an Eldian and eventually became a doctor. The meeting with Grice, a patient, led Grisha to learn about the circumstances of Faye's death. This gave him the motivation to join the Eldian Restorationists. Through his activities and a mole in the Marley legal system named 'The Owl', Grisha got information about Eldian history and met Dina Fritz, a person of royal descent. A year later they got married and had a child which they named Zeke.[18]

Later in their lives, Marleyan officials recruited children to take on the power of the seven Titans their people had stolen from the Eldians so many years ago, so they could go to Paradis Island and take down King Fritz, who had fled there and built Walls for his people 80 years ago. "The Owl" informed the group that Marley’s real goal was to steal the Founding Titan, so they could enhance their military might. Grisha then decided he would send his own son into the program as a mole for them.

Over time, Grisha and Dina began coming increasingly distant with Zeke, leaving him at Grisha's parents' house almost every night so that they could attend meetings with the Eldian Restorationists. Whenever he and Zeke had free time, Grisha would spend it quizzing his son on the "true" history of the Eldian race. In the meantime, Grisha also learned from Grice that Zeke would need to earn higher marks as a Warrior Candidate if he was to be involved in the plan to recapture the Founding Titan, causing Grisha to put even more stress on Zeke to become a Warrior. However, after observing Zeke's poor performance during a public training session, Grisha became frustrated with his son, leading to a heated argument with Dina about what to do with him.

Grisha yells at Zeke

Grisha yelled at Zeke

One night during dinner, Zeke tried to convince Grisha to stop helping the Eldian Restorationists. Grisha was appalled at the idea, reminding Zeke that the only way for Eldians to live in peace was for the restorationists to overthrow Marley. He was enraged to hear Zeke bring up Faye, angrily telling him that the restorationists were fighting with the express intent of making sure that no one suffered the same fate as her. However, he was taken aback by Zeke's accusation that Faye's death was caused by his decision to take her outside of the internment zone. Stunned by Zeke's words, Grisha lamented that he had only wanted to see an airship with his sister.[19]

At the age of seven, Zeke exposed his parents and all the restorationists, and they were sentenced to go to Paradis Island as Pure Titans.[20]

Grisha tortured

Grisha was tortured

After being turned in to the Public Security Authorities, Grisha was subjected to nude torture as the soldiers attempted to get him to reveal who the Owl was by cutting off his fingers. Once they gave up on obtaining the information, Grisha and the rest of the restorationists were taken to Paradis Island and sat on their knees before a large Wall by the ocean. After kicking Grice off the Wall alive, the rest of the restorationists were turned into Titans with Titan injection except for the Yeagers and another member. When it was Dina's turn, Grisha pleaded for her life, and tried to point out that she was of royal descent and could be of potential use to them, but was silenced by Kruger before any of the soldiers could overhear him, to Grisha's surprise. He watched her transform into a Titan and run after their friend, Grice.[21][22]

Kruger crushing steamboat

Kruger destroyed the steamboat

Sergeant Major Gross decided not to turn Grisha into a Titan, but to throw him to the other restorationist after he had been transformed. After adjusting the dose to create a 3-4m class and injecting the other man with injection, revealed to actually be Titan spinal fluid, he threw him off the Wall to transform. He began explaining how watching people be devoured made him feel alive in such a dull society. He then began pushing Grisha off asking him to fight and die in an interesting way. However, before he could do so, Kruger pushed Gross off the Wall. As Gross is devoured, Kruger asked Grisha if he enjoyed such a sight. He then revealed that he was The Owl and claimed that he would show Grisha how to truly use the power of the Titans. Kruger then transformed into a Titan and destroyed the steamboat that took all the soldiers to the island.[23]

Grisha confronts Kruger

Grisha confronted Kruger

After destroying the Marleyan men and their equipment, Kruger returned to the top of the Wall and, after introducing himself and explaining how he became a spy, he began to speak with Grisha who asked him why he left only him alive. Kruger fell to his knees from exhaustion and told Grisha of his terrible acts against several thousand Eldians, saying he did it all to serve Eldia in the end. Kruger then said that he was entrusting Grisha with his final mission, and went on to express regret for playing a role in his sister’s death, but that the hatred he saw in Grisha's eyes the next day was part of the reason he chose him. This reminded Kruger of his own uprising, when he watched his family be burned alive and chose to get revenge for them, however, it turned out that he had to torture fellow Eldians to maintain his identity until that day. Kruger told Grisha that he must enter the Walls and take back the Founding Titan, using the power of the Titans Kruger would give him. Grisha then asked why Kruger was not doing it himself, but Kruger explained that 13 years after inheriting the power of one of the Nine Titans, the host would die, and it had been 13 years for him. He then explained that all Eldians are connected by paths to the Founding Titan Ymir Fritz once had and that no one can ever be stronger than her, so they die after 13 years like she did. Grisha then questioned this logic and the Eldian history, which Kruger explained is probably not true from the Marleyan or Eldian perspective.[24]

Grisha accepts Kruger's mission

Grisha accepted Kruger's mission

When Grisha asked Kruger why he let the Marleyans turn Dina, he said that since Dina had royal blood, it was too risky for her to remain; she had to go before Zeke could tell Marley more. When Grisha objected, he asked Grisha if Dina being forced to bear Marley's children for the rest of her miserable life would have been better. Grisha told him that he did not believe he was fit to take on his mission, and that he would not have paid the price for freedom if he knew what it was. Kruger then commended Grisha's father for trying to keep his family safe when he knew what happened to Faye. Kruger confronted Grisha, and told him that the reason he chose him is that at the expense of others, he sought freedom by going past the Walls. He said that their brothers and sisters paid the price for their freedom, and that those actions will follow them until they are repaid, even after death. Grisha then stood up and accepted Kruger’s mission. Before he killed Kruger, Grisha was told the name of the Titan he was going to take: the Attack Titan. After taking his power, Grisha went to the Walls and began his mission.[25]

Keith Shadis meets Grisha Yeager

Keith found Grisha outside the Walls

Grisha was found wandering outside the Walls near the Shiganshina District by Keith Shadis, a soldier of the Survey Corps. The soldier was very surprised to see him, not only because he was outside the Walls, but also because he claimed to have suffered amnesia and he had no memories about the civilization inside the Walls and the military. Amazed to learn that the Eldians of the Walls were attempting to fight the Titans, Grisha claimed to have amnesia.[26]

Keith brought Grisha back to Shiganshina, where he was imprisoned for illegally entering Titan territory. While imprisoned, he claimed to remember his name. Upon release, Grisha revealed to Keith that he "remembered" being a doctor, and asked him for knowledge about the world inside the Walls.[27]

Keith took Grisha to a pub in Shiganshina where Keith taught him about the world. Impressed by the life that the Eldians of the Walls had managed to build for themselves, Grisha was surprised to hear that Keith was unhappy with the state of the Walls, and had joined the Survey Corps in the hope of seeing the larger world. Praising Keith and the Survey Corps, Grisha caught the attention of a nearby barmaid named Carla, who began to chastise Keith for attempting to recruit more people to the Corps. However, Grisha assured her that even if he was offered the chance, he would not join them as the Corps required special people to join to its ranks.

Carla rejoices as her family and herself are cured

Carla hugged Grisha after he cured her and her family

Grisha eventually found work at a hospital. When an epidemic broke out in Shiganshina, Grisha was able to successfully cure those afflicted including Carla and her parents. Eventually, Grisha and Carla eventually married each other. At a party after the wedding ceremony, Grisha began to tell guests about how Keith introduced him to Carla, before realizing that Keith had left the party early.[28] He and Carla would later have a son, Eren.

Grisha used his occupation as a doctor to get close with government officials in order to gather information on the ruler of the Walls and continue his mission as a Restorationist. He eventually discovered the location of the Reiss family's chapel, as well as the hatch leading down to the basement where the succession rituals take place. However, he chose to delay his mission in favor of staying with his new family.[29]

Years later, Grisha was making a house call, with Eren tagging along, to Ackerman and Mikasa's mother for an appointed medical examination in the year 844. When he arrived there, he found them dead for hours. He asked Eren if he had seen the girl named Mikasa anywhere, but he was too shocked to answer.[30] He then told Eren to wait for him at the foot of the mountain while he finds the Military Police.[16]

After Grisha arrived with the Military Police soldiers at the murderers' hideout, Grisha hugged Eren and scolded him for the murders he committed when saving Mikasa, asking if he even understood what he had done. However, instead of continuing to scold him for killing Mikasa's kidnappers, he tells him that this time he was lucky and he could have been killed himself.[31] Mikasa, cold and depressed, asked Grisha in what direction her home was and stated that she was cold and wants to leave. In response, Eren gave her his scarf and Grisha told her to come live with them.[32]

Despite not going through immediately with his mission, Grisha felt that his family (especially Eren) deserved to know the truth about life outside the Walls. At night, Grisha would go into the Yeager family basement and write down information about his former life in Marley. After compiling everything into three journals, Grisha inscribed a message revealing that humanity was still alive beyond the walls on the back of his old family's photograph and hid all of his writings in his desk. He then locked the basement door, keeping the key on him at all times.


Prologue arc

Frieda is eaten

Grisha eats Frieda to get the Founding Titan

Upon learning from Mikasa that Eren wants to join the Survey Corps, Grisha is more obliging of the idea than Carla and asks his son why he wants to leave the Walls. Eren's answer, that the deaths of the many soldiers who have already served in the Survey Corps will be a waste if no one continues the fight, galvanizes Grisha to resume his mission to retake the Founding Titan from the Reiss family. Grisha announces that he will be departing, telling a bewildered Carla that there is no point in trying to stop an inquisitive mind like Eren's. Before he leaves, he promises to show Eren what he has been hiding in their basement when he returns.[33]

Grisha reflects on what he must do the entire way to the Reiss chapel, seeing through the future memories of the Attack Titan that the day had come when Wall Maria would fall. Bursting in on the royal family, Grisha reveals himself to be an Eldian from beyond the Walls, and begs Frieda Reiss to use her Founding Titan ability to save Shiganshina from the Titans that are breaking in. However, succumbing to the will of Karl Fritz, she refuses to act. Grisha argues that the Eldians within the Walls should not be killed for crimes their ancestors committed which they are not even aware of, but his protests fall on deaf ears. Frieda attempts to explain to him that there is no point in stealing the Founding Titan's power as only the royal family can use it, but Grisha reveals that he is already aware of this fact; the Attack Titan's inheritors have the ability to see the memories of the Titan's future inheritors, giving them the ability to see the future.[34]

Grisha proclaims that since the royal family is bound by Karl Fritz's vow, he will steal the Founding Titan away from them. However, despite his threats Grisha is unable to bring himself to kill the entire Reiss family, horrified at the thought of killing children. It is only when Eren, acting through the timeless paths in the future year 854, demands he fulfill his duty by reminding him of his fellow restorationists and his dead sister Faye that Grisha finally transforms.[35] Grisha easily beats Frieda in combat and devours her before going on to slaughter the entire Reiss family, sparing only Rod Reiss on Eren's orders.[36][37]

Grisha apologizes to Zeke

Grisha apologizes to an adult Zeke for being a horrible father

Exiting the chapel, Grisha is left horrified by his actions. On the verge of hysteria, Grisha demands Eren to tell him if this is what he wanted. He begins asking aloud why Eren did not show him everything that will come to pass and, due to them living next to the Wall, hopes that Carla is safe and was able to get away; he asks himself again if this was the only way before realizing that Zeke's future self is also visiting him through the paths. Grisha tells his eldest son that only Eren's plan will succeed, but laments that Eren's plan will lead to "ghastly" events. Looking up, he realizes that he can actually see the future Zeke and embraces him, apologizing for being a horrible father and begging for him to find a way to stop Eren's plan.[38]

Traveling to Trost District, Grisha locates Keith Shadis and enlists his help in searching for his family among the refugees. Upon finding Eren, the two men learn that Carla has been devoured by a Titan. Grisha is devastated and, thinking back to his interaction with Eren at the Reiss chapel, realizes why he did not reveal what happened. Accepting that his successor is indeed Eren, Grisha merely tells him that he must avenge his mother and takes Eren into the woods. When Keith tries to stop him, arguing that Grisha should not put such a burden on the boy's shoulders as he might not be gifted like Grisha, Grisha simply explains that the fact that Eren is his son makes him qualified and orders Keith not to get involved.[39]

Eren transforms and eats Grisha

Grisha's death at the hands of Eren

In the forest, he entrusts Eren with the key to his basement and injects him with a Titan serum, explaining to Eren that their memories will teach him how to use the ability. Grisha is immediately devoured by Eren, transferring both the Founding Titan and Attack Titan to him.[40]


104th Training Corps arc

After Eren finally succeeds in the use of vertical maneuvering equipment, head instructor of the 104th Training Corps Keith Shadis expresses to himself that Grisha would be proud of his son, Eren, and that he is finally becoming a soldier.

Royal Government arc

When Eren transforms into a Titan during experiments conducted by Hange, they ask him to try and communicate with them. He writes on the ground that he does not know how to harden his body, as well as a vague reference to his father.[41]

While Eren is chained up in an underground cavern belonging to the Reiss family, Rod Reiss and Historia place their hands on his back, which allows him to experience his father's memories of the night Wall Maria fell.[42]

After Eren receives more memories of his father thanks to Historia, he searches for the man that his father met the day Wall Maria fell.[43]

Return to Shiganshina arc

When meeting with Keith Shadis, Eren has a conversation with him where he reveals all he knows about Grisha Yeager and his past, including how he met Carla and his mysterious apparition.[44]

During the Battle of Shiganshina District, Zeke begins to lament the Survey Corps' plight before quickly chastising himself for being too serious like Grisha.

In the aftermath of the battle for Shiganshina, Zeke encounters Eren, noting that the young man looks nothing like Grisha. Zeke claims to be a victim of Grisha just like Eren, who he claims was brainwashed by him. As Eren thinks on Zeke's words, he notices an uncanny resemblance between the War-chief and Grisha.[45]

Grisha with his former family

Grisha Yeager's photograph

When the Survey Corps finally reaches the basement of the Yeager household, they find that Grisha had set it up to appear as a common doctor's office. After further investigation they discover a locked drawer in his desk which his key unlocks. Grisha had left the drawer empty, but beneath the false bottom were hidden three books kept intact with various preservatives. Within the first book, the Survey Corps finds a picture of Grisha standing with Dina and Zeke. On the back of the image Grisha had left a message explaining what the photograph was and revealing that humanity beyond the Walls was not extinct.[46]

The books later go on to tell the story of Grisha's past life outside the Walls, beginning with the day his sister Faye Yeager was killed (see History).[47]

War for Paradis arc

Grisha is one of the many Titan inheritors whose Titan is created by Ymir Fritz to defend Eren while he is attempting to Rumble the world.[48] In the middle of the fighting Grisha and a handful of other inheritors are reawakened in the Path world by Zeke. After speaking with Tom Ksaver, Zeke thanks Grisha for giving him life.

Grisha takes control of his Titan along with several other past inheritors and help fend off the other Titans spawned by Ymir, which are attempting to defend Eren's nape. After getting them cleared away, Grisha's Titan and the others rally to Armin and hold him in their hands as he transforms into his Colossus Titan to destroy the rest of Eren's Titan body.[49]



Grisha was a very skillful doctor, and served many families within the Walls. He was able to cure hundreds of people from a sickness that attacked mankind during his time in the Walls.[12] After the plague broke out, Grisha was skillful enough to stop it. When Carla got sick, he not only cured her, but also her entire family.[50] His great skill in medicine is likely attributed to him coming from a more advanced society outside the Walls[51] with further advancements in medicine. He was able to gain knowledge of medical care from his father who owned a clinic in Liberio, and served many patients before being sent to Paradis Island.[52][53]

Grisha Yeager's statistics as of year 850[2]:

Trust of locals
Love of family

Power of the Titans

Grisha rips apart Frieda's Titan

Grisha rips apart Frieda's Titan

Grisha was able to turn into a very large Titan; it appeared that he had all of the regular abilities of those with the power of the Titans, like extraordinary regeneration, incredible strength, and endurance when he is transformed. Other than these, it is unknown if he had any other unique abilities. He had some experience with Titan abilities; that was the reason why he managed to kill and eat Frieda Reiss, a Titan that almost matched his size and possessed the Founding Titan. He stabbed his own hand with a knife in order to trigger the transformation.

  • The Founding Titan: After eating Frieda, he possessed this power for a very short amount of time. However, he could not make use of it before passing it on to Eren due to his lack of royal blood.
  • Future Sight: As part of the Attack Titan's unique abilities, Grisha had the ability to see into the future,[34] knowing why Frieda would not listen to Grisha because of the First King's vow to renounce war. He also knew that Eren's path would falter to an extent, which was why he whispered to Zeke to stop Eren.[54]
  • Regeneration: As a holder of the power of the Titans, Grisha could regenerate his body faster than regular humans, even from fatal wounds. This was proven after he regained his fingers (following his torture by Public Security Authorities) right after inheriting the Attack Titan.


  • Faye Yeager - Faye was Grisha's little sister. As a child, Faye was the closest person to Grisha and he loved her dearly, wanting to protect her; even accepting punishment in her place. Faye's murder was what motivated Grisha for the rest of his life.[55]
  • Yeager and Mrs. Yeager - While Grisha originally cared for both of his parents, the loss of his younger sister caused him to develop a disdain for their acceptance of how Marleyans treated them. In particular, Grisha greatly hated his father for trying to instill the same acceptance in him and not taking action for Faye. Years later, Grisha soon came to understand his parents were simply trying to prevent him from sharing the same fate as his sister and felt somewhat guilty for not understanding.
  • Dina Fritz - Dina was Grisha's first wife. He loved her dearly and when they were captured, he volunteered to be killed in her place. His offer was refused and Grisha was heartbroken after she became a Pure Titan.
  • Zeke Yeager - Like any new father, Grisha clearly loved his son Zeke and was overcome with emotion when holding him for the first time.[56] However, he would soon begin to view Zeke more as a means to an end, desiring to make use of the royal blood within him. When the Marley government decided to recruit Eldian Warriors, Grisha forced Zeke to enlist as the Eldian Restorationists' mole.[20] For a short time, Dina and Grisha engraved their beliefs and philosophy into Zeke's mind, eventually causing him to turn on his parents because of their mistreatment of him. Aside from disliking his mother, Zeke grew to hate his father and Grisha would later feel remorse for the way he treated his son.[57] When Zeke and Eren saw Grisha's past memories, Grisha was able to see Zeke thanks to the Attack Titan's unique ability to look into the future,[34] and tearfully apologized for making him suffer as a child and being a terrible father. Grisha embraced Zeke, who is shocked by this sudden display of emotion, and actually calls him "dad".[58]
  • Eren Kruger - Grisha had a complex bond with Kruger. When Grisha first met Kruger as a child he beat him as punishment for venturing beyond the walls without permission, though he allowed him to stay and watch the blimp he and Faye had come to see.[59] Grisha met Kruger again 15 years later and was surprised when he revealed he was the Owl who had been providing them information and after killing the other Marleyans, told him of his mission. He also told him he had chosen him to continue his mission the day after they met, seeing the same look of vengeance in his eyes that also drove Kruger.[60] While reluctant at first, Grisha accepted Kruger's mission and inherited his Attack Titan power.[61] Grisha appears to have named his son Eren in honor of Kruger indicating a level of respect towards him.
  • Keith Shadis - Keith was the first person Grisha encountered upon arriving on Paradis and was the one who taught him about the society within. Grisha referred to Keith as special and chosen, both of which deeply resonated with Keith.[62] Grisha viewed Keith as a very admirable man; however, as the years went on their relationship began to decline. Distance grew between them as Keith believed that he was not special or chosen, he had blamed Grisha for leading him to misunderstand himself.[63] Ties with them loosened more so when Grisha married Carla, the woman Keith sought.[64] Before Grisha's death, their relationship appeared to still be stable as Grisha ran toward Keith in a panic, however, the two were on much worse terms as Keith accused Grisha of "cursing another person" to which he responded by saying "this child is not like you."[65]
  • Carla Yeager - Grisha was very taken by Carla, as they married not long after he had cured her and her family.[28] However, Grisha did not put all his trust in Carla, as he did not share with her his secrets of the outside world. When Eren and Grisha met after the fall of Wall Maria, he was told by his son that the Titan has eaten Carla and, after a moment of silence, told Eren to get revenge for Carla and took him away.[66] Grisha was visibly affected by her death and when turning Eren to a Titan, was told that her death has made him crazy as his son screamed.[67]
  • Eren Yeager - Grisha was perhaps closer to Eren than anyone else in his life, surpassing even his relationship with Carla. As a father, Grisha left home for a lot of medical duties, however, he encouraged Eren's dreams to venture outside the Wall and offered to reveal to him the secrets of the basement. Because he loved Eren, Grisha did not hesitate to scold him when he recklessly put his life in danger when he went to save Mikasa. However, this was short-lived as he was happy that his son was alright and seemed to be proud he did it to protect someone. When Wall Maria fell, Grisha took it upon himself to do all he could to stop the Reiss family and then entrusted the very fate of the world to Eren. Grisha spoke of Eren as 'different' when he was questioned by Keith,[68] and put an enormous amount of trust into his son. Grisha believed in his son's ability so sincerely that he allowed himself to be devoured, believing that Eren would one day use the powers from the Founding Titan to control the Titans outside of the walls to fight back against Marley. It's later revealed that Grisha's actions were partially motivated by Eren, who showed him memories convenient to his plans[69] and convinced Grisha to kill Frieda and the others of the Royal family even when Grisha didn't want to go through with it.[70] In the end, however, Grisha appears not to agree with Eren's motives and actually regrets having followed him, which is why he told Zeke to stop Eren.[54]
  • Mikasa Ackerman - Grisha knew Mikasa when she was a small child from visiting her home as the family doctor.[71] When taking Eren along for a visit he had hoped that the two would be able to get along as friends.[72] After her rescue from the human traffickers, Grisha showed sympathy toward Mikasa and told her to come live with him and his family.[32] Before giving Eren an injection of the Titan injection, Grisha mentions Mikasa as one of the people Eren must save.[73]
  • Mikasa's father and mother - Dr. Yeager was well known to the Ackermans as their family physician. They appeared quite friendly when speaking about each other,[74] and Grisha had been known to have been their Doctor at least since Mikasa was small; however, it appears that as she grew older his visits were less frequent.[71] Grisha seemed quite disturbed at the sight of their deaths.[30]

People killed




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