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Grum is a character appearing in Fee Fie Foh, the eleventh short story of Attack on Titan Anthology.


Grum has long brown hair and is shaved on the right side of his head, where eight short blue lines are tattooed. He is seen wearing a long gray shirt and brown pants.


Grum seems to be a brave person, as he is a member of the group in charge to kill the Titans which arrive to the coast of Albion. He shows some respect to traditions and often reminds his chief about the ritual that must be done when Titans are killed.


Along with his fellows, Grum goes to the coast where Titans usually arrive to. He counts eleven and declares odds these manage to reach the lands are very low.

As his teammates prepare human blood bags to lure the Titans, he begins to shout the traditional blessing for this but is asked by his chief, Mod, to stop, as he believes it is pointless. Grum insists to have the men do the chant and the chief eventually agrees. The trap works and Mod manages to kill all the Titans and everyone congratulates him. They later get back to their village where they are greeted by the druidess.[2]

A few days later, he is seen atop the cliff along with other members of his tribe watching below the corpse of the Titan which destroyed his village.[3]