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Quote1.png 'Why?' Really? You don't get it? I'm the same as you. I didn't have any other choice. That's why. Quote2.png
— Eren reveals his intent to Reiner

Guilty Shadow (疾しき影 Yamashiki Kage?) is the 1st chapter of the 25th volume and the 99th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.


Reiner Braun is shocked by Eren Yeager's presence in Marley, and begins breaking down after Eren indirectly threatens the civilians watching the festival above. Falco Grice is instructed to stay in the room. Lord Tybur finishes his preparations, as crowds take their seats. The presentation begins, and an apparent Marleyan soldier summons the Warriors on behalf of Theo Magath.

Reiner questions Eren on why he came to Marley. Then, they begin to listen to Willy's speech, where he recounts the understood history of the world. Eren and Reiner continue talking, and Pieck Finger and Porco Galliard are led into a room, where a trap door is pulled underneath them. Falco realizes that Eren is from Paradis Island, whilst Willy declares that the known history is a lie. He explains it was King Fritz who saved the world, and never actually posed a threat. He expands though, that Karl Fritz' power has been stolen, and a rebel resisting world peace had appeared: Eren Yeager.


Years ago, Bertolt Hoover continued to discuss with Reiner Braun and Annie Leonhart about the suicide victim they came across and why he told them his story. Annie mused that he wanted someone to forgive him for his past actions, something they do not deserve since they abandoned Marcel Galliard. Bertolt theorized that he wanted to be judged by someone instead.

Falco is confused that Eren and Reiner are not more friendly

Back in the present, Reiner is still stunned to see Eren Yeager. Confused by Reiner's reaction, Falco Grice asks Eren to confirm that he and Reiner are supposed to be friends. Eren thanks Falco for bringing Reiner to him, mentioning that they have catching up to do. He then asks Reiner to sit down. When he hesitates, Eren mentions that they can hear the stage very well from where they are. He notes that the building above them, although located behind the stage, is full of people anxiously waiting to see the play. Eren finishes by showing both Falco and Reiner his hand, which is now bleeding. Realizing the gravity of the situation, Reiner finally sits down. When Falco tries to leave, both Eren and Reiner request that he stay.

Right before the play begins, Willy Tybur is informed that it is time to head to the stage. He is greeted by Kiyomi Azumabito and her bodyguards, and comments that he must look terrible, but she says that he is brave and hopes he fulfills his duty without incident. After she departs, she tells her bodyguards that they are leaving.

Mr. Leonhart insists Annie is alive

In the stands near the stage, Reiner's mother Karina Braun spots Leonhart, Annie's father. He comments that it has been some time since they saw each other. They talk for awhile and Mr. Leonhart mentions that Mr. Hoover had been bedridden and says he heard that he had died. Karina confirms it and says he had passed away peacefully in his sleep. They reflect on how he was proud of his son devoting his life to Marley. When Karina mentions Annie as well, Mr. Leonhart disagrees, reaffirming that his daughter is not dead but still alive.

While they wait, Pieck Finger notices many higher-ups in attendance including General Calvi and numerous ambassadors and friends of the Tybur family. Colt Grice states the power of the Tybur family is impressive, despite Porco Galliard's comment that they are still Eldians like the rest of them. As the ceremony begins, Udo and Gabi Braun both notice that Reiner and Falco have not returned yet. Just then, a soldier approaches and informs the Marley Warriors that Commander Theo Magath has summoned them. Underground, Falco realizes the play has started. Reiner asks Eren why he is in Marley. When Eren replies that he is here for the same reason as Reiner and he does not have a choice, Reiner starts to break down and tremble.

Helos and the War Hammer Titan defeat King Fritz in Willy's play

Willy Tybur comes on the stage and tells the story of the bloody history of Marley and Eldia. The Eldians ruled the world by utilizing the power of the Titans. According to their information, the number of people lost from then until now is estimated to be three times that of the current global population, including the eradication of numerous ethnicities and cultures. The Great Titan War began once the enemies of Eldia were all gone, using eight of the Titan powers to constantly fight amongst each other. Then the Marleyan hero Helos aligned with the Tybur family to force King Karl Fritz to flee the island, but he left with the powers of the Founding Titan in his possession. Willy goes on to discuss the failed Paradis Island Operation with the return of only one out of the four Titans that were originally sent. Eren reminds Reiner that he and his comrades were trying to save the world when they destroyed Wall Maria.

The soldier escorting Pieck, Galliard, and Zeke Yeager orders the latter to go to the front door and has the other two follow him. Pieck tries to start a conversation with him but the man mentions that he was just sent in for security and has no intention of talking with her. On their way there, Pieck spots her Panzer Unit, the soldiers who man the guns on her Cart Titan. She briefly greets them before they continue to follow the soldier. Eventually, the soldier escorts them inside. When Galliard asks where Magath is, the soldier brandishes a knife and triggers a trapdoor, trapping both Pieck and Galliard underground.

King Fritz's acceptance of Eldian extermination

Falco is curious about Reiner's behavior towards "Mr. Kruger," and asks himself how long ago they could have become old friends. He then realizes that Eren and Reiner must have known each other from when Reiner was on Paradis Island. Up above, Willy declares the truth for the first time: it was not Helos nor the Tyburs who were the heroes of Marley, but King Fritz. A pacifist, he took pity on Marley and aligned with the Tybur family, fabricating the deeds of the hero Helos. He reveals that they were behind the collapse of the Eldian Empire and mentions that the King's threat of unleashing the Colossus Titans if their peace was disturbed was also a lie. His belief of peace would be carried down with his successors, as well as freedom for Marley. The Founding Titans would be held to Karl Fritz's vow of renouncing war, and if the day should come when Marley arrives to destroy Eldia, they would accept it. However, King Fritz's final wish was for a brief paradise; a world without conflict.

As the crowd begins to wonder about this revelation, Willy proclaims that the desire for peace was destroyed by the recent rebellion that has taken place on Paradis Island. Proclaiming that someone of non-royal blood has taken the powers of the Founding Titan, he states the world is now facing yet another crisis. A rebel against peace is coming for Marley, and his name is Eren Yeager.

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