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Quote1.png So, Levi. I think I understand why ya joined the Survey Corps. Quote2.png
— Kenny Ackerman taunts Levi

Gunshots (銃声 Jūsei?) is the 4th and final chapter of the 14th volume and the 58th chapter overall of the Attack on Titan manga, written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama


After a brief confrontation with Kenny, Levi begins his escape but is ambushed by several soldiers. Fleeing into a tavern, Levi makes his escape after a short discussion with Kenny ended with Levi shooting him in the chest with the saloon owner's gun. He then fools the soldiers with a decoy and makes his escape, killing many of them along the way. Meanwhile, Levi's Squad hears the gunshots and eventually, Levi reaches them, abandoning the original plan and ordering them flee and, if necessary, kill the enemy. He and Mikasa then begin to fend off the attacking enemy soldiers. However, one of them reaches Jean and, after he hesitates to kill her, a gunshot goes off. After the enemy escapes with them, Eren and Historia meet Rod Reiss as he and Kenny remove the covers to their caskets. Knowing that he is their enemy, however, Eren is surprised to see Rod hugging Historia and apologizing to her.


Levi escapes

Levi and Kenny clash, with each deflecting the other's attacks. Kenny continues shooting and Levi, and after witnessing Nifa's corpse one more time, Levi decides to escape, according to Kenny's predictions. Levi is aware that Kenny can read every of his moves and is worried about losing his team, as well as Eren and Historia. Much to his surprise, Levi is then suddenly ambushed and, having injured his face while evading, flees into a nearby saloon. He is recognized by the people there, but before he can do anything, Kenny appears at the entrance, ready to "shoot down the bad guys."

Levi shoots Kenny

Levi hides himself beneath the counter, leading Kenny to believe that he is not there. However, the two soon engage in a discussion. They tease each other, with Levi wondering how it is that he is in Military Police after killing so many of their soldiers. Kenny notes that hiding here was a bad choice as he is cornered now and, after throwing a chair Levi's way, he states that he knows why Levi joined Survey Corps. Kenny speaks of how both of them struggled to barely survive in the Underground before being overwhelmed when revealed the complexity of the world. As he picks up another chair, he then says that like Levi, he had found a cause that he would pursue to the very end. Eventually, using a reflection in the bottle of wine, Levi shoots Kenny with a shotgun "borrowed" from the saloon owner and, with the use of a chair to confuse the other soldiers, makes an escape. While Levi fights through the soldiers, killing several of them, Kenny, having been saved by the chair he was holding, gets up after his second-in-command teases him. Kenny praises Levi by noting how Levi was able to use that fact that saloon owners were allowed to wield firearms for self defense in order to turn the tables against his pursuers. He also laments the fact that his goal of achieving his dream just got harder.

Elsewhere, Sasha recognizes the sound of gunfire and the group decides to change the plan, according to Levi's orders. Not knowing how long they will be able to follow Eren and Historia, Armin continues his way through the town until they happen upon the hearse where Eren and Historia are kept in.

Levi kills an enemy in front of his squad

At the same moment, Levi appears, being chased by the soldiers and the group is surprised to see them using guns in the air. While evading, Levi kills several soldiers, much to his team's horror, and lands on his team's vehicle, revealing that their plan has been leaked and they cannot follow the hearse anymore. He gives orders to his team, telling them to kill any enemy while he and Mikasa are to use their vertical maneuvering equipment to assist in the escape.

More soldiers soon appear and Jean is shocked to see more people dying. One of them manages to approach Armin, however, Mikasa takes them down with a kick and Jean, still uneasy at killing other people, points a gun at them while ordering them not to move. However, the soldier disarms Jean and, although Mikasa rushes to help, a gun is fired.

After the enemy escapes with Eren and Historia, they have the covers to the coffins they were kept in taken off by Kenny and Rod Reiss. Eren finally meets Rod, the man he considers to be the enemy of humanity. However, he is then surprised to see him approaching Historia and, in spite of her initial glare, hugging her while apologizing for all that he had done.

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  • Levi seeks refuge in a bar.png
    The tavern where Levi seeks refuge from Kenny and his men has a signboard in Walls writing reading "Stohess Bar" (ストヘスサカバ Sutohesusakaba?).