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Quote1.png Are you people on a picnic?! We're outside the Wall! Quote2.png
— Gunther to his team mates[5]

Gunther Schultz (グンタ・シュルツ Gunta Shurutsu?) was one of the Survey Corps soldiers hand-picked by Captain Levi to join the Special Operations Squad.


Gunther was a man of average height with a slightly darker skin tone. He wore a short crop of brown hair that was kept to a point on the back of his head. As most of the soldiers, his attire consisted of a short light brown leather jacket with the badge of the Survey Corps on both shoulders, on the front left pocket and on the center of the back, a light-colored shirt, a dark brown sash around the waist covering the hips, white pants and dark brown knee-high leather boots. Additionally, he was often seen wearing a green cape that the soldiers usually use for traveling with the symbol of the Survey Corps on his back.


Being a soldier of the Survey Corps who survived multiple encounters with Titans significantly affected Gunther's personality. According to Levi, Gunther was chosen to be the part of the Special Operations Squad not only for this strength, but also due to the fact that he did not completely trust Eren Yeager. Even though Gunther and others were able to live through because of their ability to always expect the worst in any situation, they did not turn into heartless beasts as it was not easy for them to point their blades at Eren.[6] In the Special Operations Squad, Gunther seemed to be the most reasonable one. After Eren's unintentional transformation into a Titan, he was the only one to ask Eren for proof that he is not hostile. In contrast, Oluo threatened to kill him and Petra thought of Eren as dangerous while worrying about Levi's life.[7] However, he was shown to be irritated when his comrades and Eren were jokingly mocking each other about having wet their pants, implying he also possessed a stern side and did not take kindly if a soldier did not focus on the task at hand.[8]


The Female Titan arc

Gunther, Eld and Levi in front of the former HQ

After the post-Trost District battle trial to decide Eren's fate concludes with Eren joining the Survey Corps, Gunther is chosen by Levi to be a member of the Special Operations Squad, a group of elite soldiers whose job is to look after Eren. Gunther, along with the rest of the squad, then accompanies Eren to the former HQ of Survey Corps, which will now serve as a hideout for Eren. After their arrival, Gunther and Eld notice that the HQ has not been properly maintained due to being unused. Due to that, Levi orders everyone to begin cleaning. Later that day, the squad discusses the upcoming expedition, with Gunther noting that it is happening too suddenly. When Hange arrives and Eren asks them to explain their experiments with Titans, Gunther and the rest quickly leave the room, already knowing a thing about Hange's speeches.[9]

Gunther asks Eren if any of his training friends would join the Survey Corps

The next day, Gunther, along with the rest of the soldiers, arrives at the crime scene after being notified about the killings of Sonny and Bean. After hearing that the culprit disappeared using their vertical maneuvering equipment, Gunther wonders if it was plan prepared by two or more people.[10] After the investigation is done and the culprit is not found, Eld and Gunther discuss the upcoming induction ceremony, asking Eren whether any of his classmates will join, but Eren is unable to answer with certainty.[11] Gunther is then present at the said ceremony, listening to Erwin's speech.[12]

Levi finds a way to contain Eren in his Titan form without killing him, allowing Hange to run experiments on him, which Gunther and the rest of the squad monitor. Eren is unable to transform for some reason, but later triggers his transformation while attempting to pick up a teaspoon. Gunther and the rest of his squad mates immediately prepare to kill Eren, believing he has betrayed them, but Levi keeps them at bay.[13][14] Later, Hange reveals to everyone the secret behind Eren's transformation. Realizing their mistake, Gunther and others bite their hands as a form of punishment, showing that they can trust each other.[15]

Gunther shows Eren their location in the formation

One month later, Gunther is part of the expedition that heads into the Titan territory.[16] Eren recalls Gunther explaining the plan of the expedition to him. When Eren questions the meaning of his power, Gunther asks him if Eren understood Erwin's question after the killings of Sonny and Bean, revealing that each of them was asked the same. Gunther concludes that there must be a hidden objective of this expedition.[17]

As the time progresses, the news of a mysterious Titan killing the soldiers reaches the Levi Squad just as Gunther and others witness the black smoke signal, knowing that an abnormal Titan is near their position.[18] Eventually, they enter the Titan Forest. Eren questions this, but then notices Gunther and others also do not know what is going on. At that moment, the mysterious Female Titan reaches their location.[19]

Gunther turns back in horror to see the Female Titan chasing them

As they are being chased, in panic, Gunther yells out that they cannot escape inside the forest. He and the other squad soldiers beg Levi for orders, proposing to take the Titan down as it slaughters the reinforcements from behind. Levi, however, just shoots a sound grenade to calm them down, reminding them of their job. Eren finds himself to be unable to comply with the orders as he watches more soldiers to be killed. His intentions are made clear when he is about to bite his hand. Levi tells him to choose whether he believes in himself or the squad.[20]

Eren decides to go with the squad. Gunther then notices that the Female Titan is accelerating and as it is about to catch up with them, they reach the location of Erwin and other soldiers who manage to trap the Female Titan, much to the surprise of Gunther and the squad. They then brag to Eren, claiming that it is thanks to the power of the Survey Corps that they managed to capture their foe.[21]

Afterward, Gunther and others discuss Erwin's decision not to tell the soldiers about the plan. Eren wonders why is it that not even the elite soldiers were told about it and Gunther watches as this remark angers Oluo and Petra. However, Eld agrees with Eren, stating that Erwin must have had a reason. They realize that if they answered Erwin's mysterious question back then, they would probably be trusted enough to be let in the operation.[22]

Gunther's death

Seeing a flare that indicates the Corps is retreating, the squad begins making their way out of the forest. On their way to rejoin with Levi, Eld teases Petra and Oluo for peeing their pants on the first expedition, but Gunther scolds them for carelessly chatting in the middle of the Titan territory. They notice another signal flare and thinking it is shot by Levi, they fire their own one. However, Gunther realizes too late that it is not Levi to prevent the mysterious attacker from slicing his neck, killing him instantly.[23]


Royal Government arc

While speaking to Historia under the Reiss chapel, Eren mentions Gunther as being among the victims he and Grisha Yeager are responsible for killing by stealing the power of the Titans.[24]

Return to Shiganshina arc

Later in the Battle of Shiganshina District, as Erwin Smith begins to lament the dwindling hopes of his dream, Gunther stands among the many fallen Survey Corps soldiers in Erwin's mind, wanting to know if their deaths had meaning.[25]

War for Paradis arc

In the forest, as Levi contemplates all the times he risked his life to save Eren, Gunther appears among the comrades he had lost along the way.[26]


Although never shown in direct combat, as an elite soldier chosen for the Special Operations Squad under the command of Levi, Gunther was presumed to be quite strong. He was a skilled warrior with a high Titan kill, having a record of 47, of which 40 were obtained in teams and 7 in solo.[27] He was shown to be quite proficient in the usage of vertical maneuvering equipment[5] and displayed a certain degree of intelligence, being able to deduce that Erwin did not reveal the true objective of the expedition.[17]

Gunther Schultz's statistics as of year 850[2]:



  • Levi Ackerman - Levi had a professional respect for Gunther, as he hand-picked him to be part of the Special Operations Squad due to his high-level skills at subduing and killing Titans. Gunther was obedient and loyally executed the orders that Levi gave his team. Upon looking at Gunther's corpse, Levi was ultimately hurt at the loss of a faithful comrade.
  • Eld Jinn - Despite being the second-in-command of the Special Operations Squad, Gunther was usually the one who made sure everyone was on-task.[5] Alongside Eld, Gunther showed that he did not lack a humorous side as he would sometimes join in on banterous conversations that Eld would start. Nevertheless, Gunther blatantly put his trust in Eld, respecting his decisions and vice-versa. They seemed to have an easygoing, relaxing friendship and did not stop confiding in each other until the very end.
  • Oluo Bozado and Petra Ral - Gunther shared a close friendship with the two having been working together for several years in the Survey Corps. Although, Gunther did find the pair annoying when they were bickering, occasionally reprimanding them each time they did so.
  • Eren Yeager - Being the newest addition to the squad at the time, Gunther was a little bit wary of Eren after acknowledging that he has the power of the Titans. Eren looked up to the people of the Special Operations Squad, including Gunther. Him and the squad eventually warmed up to Eren and showed that he should trust them, In one of these acts he explained a plan of the formation to Eren normally.


  • Gunther ranked forty-fifth in the Second Character Popularity Poll.
  • Gunther shares a birthday with Mr. Springer and Reiner's father.
  • Gunther's name is a Germanic name derived from Gunthere, Gunthari, composed of *gunþiz "battle" (Old Norse gunnr) and heri, hari "army". His surname is also a name of Scandinavian and Jewish (Ashkenazic) origin taken from German word, Schulze.