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Gunther Schultz (グンタ・シュルツ Gunta Shurutsu?) is a 2nd year Attack Junior High School student and a member of the Attack Junior High Scout Regiment.


Gunther has a tan complexion and a clean black haircut. He wears the standard Titan Junior High uniform.


A 2nd year student and a member of the Attack Junior High Scout Regiment, Gunther appears silent yet easy to hang out with. Although he looks serious, he is not what he seems: when he sees a cute person, his heart starts to flutter. He and Eld are often seen hanging out together. He likes manga and is often seen reading some.


The upperclassmen listen to Eren speak

As Eren and his friends are helping Armin to get his futon back taken by Levi, they reach the Scout Regiment club room. When Oruo bites his tongue and falls to the ground while trying to prevent the group to come in, Eld, Petra, and Gunther worriedly rush to his side, assuming it was an attempted murder. Gunther holds his injured friend but drops him when Eren notes that Oruo simply bit his tongue. He notes Oruo's habit of biting his tongue around three times a day.[1]

The day of the test results, Gunther is in the Scout Regiment club room with his friends and reads a manga. When everyone compares their marks, it is revealed he scored 71. Oruo, who scored 94, proudly says he does not have to study much to have outstanding grades but Gunther states that according to Oruo's mother, he actually spends the night studying for each exam. This is confirmed by Eld, which embarrasses Oruo.[2]

Along with his classmates, Gunther scolds the first years for their looks and behavior, especially Armin because of his hairstyle. In response, Eren yells to the second years to shut their mouth, which shock them. The late arrival of Christa, Ymir, Reiner, and Bertholdt will not calm Gunther and his friends and results in the first year group doing cleaning chores. On Sports Day, he takes part in the shoulder wars match, carrying Petra with Oruo and Eld. At the end of the day, Gunther and the other second years help the first years clean the court.[3]

Gunther reveals himself

During the courage test, he goes to the science room with Eld and is disguised as a Titan model. He waits for the first year group to scare them.[4]

For the election of student council president, he is Oruo's substitute, a post he shows no enthusiasm for.[5]

During the school festival, Petra, Eld, Oruo, and Gunther wait in line to taste the cheeseburgers of the first year class. A blushing Gunther expresses his want to meet the salesperson of the stand, whom he heard was pretty. When the group discovers it is actually Armin dressed as a woman, he keeps blushing.[6]

Gunther watches Ilse Langnar's broadcast of Eren and the others venturing into the principal's office, and is relieved once Eren manages to retrieve a chee-burg.[7]


  • Eld Gin - Gunther and Eld typically hang out together. They are both in the Attack Junior High Scout Regiment, and seem to share a close friendship.