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Quote1.png Fear not, Your Lordship. Should he face the Titans on a real battlefield, the commander will not need to be as lenient with them. Quote2.png
— Gustav to Wald[1]

Gustav (グスタフ Gusutafu?) is a member of the Garrison Regiment and one of Dot Pyxis's escorts, the other being Anka Rheinberger.


He is a tall, young man of a solid build. He has combed brown hair and dark brown eyes. He wears the typical Garrison uniform.


Gustav is portrayed as a stern, quiet individual. He seems respectful to his fellow soldiers such as Armin Arlelt, which can be seen when he listens to his plans and takes his opinion into consideration.


A Sudden Visitor: The Torturous Curse of Adolescence

When the 104th Cadet Corps participates in a mock defense of Trost District, Gustav monitors their progress alongside Anka and Pyxis. He later helps Anka oversee the cooking contest that Pyxis is judging.[2]

The Struggle for Trost arc

Anka and Gustav at Lord Wald's place

Gustav appears in the residence of Lord Wald, accompanying Dot Pyxis along with Anka Rheinberger. As he and Anka are watching Pyxis and Wald play chess, a soldier barges into the room, announcing that the gate in Trost District has been breached by the Colossal Titan. Wald tries to stop them from leaving, saying that Pyxis will not be able to defeat the Titans if he cannot even win a game of chess, to which Gustav callously responds that Pyxis will not allow the Titans to win in the same manner that he allows Wald to win.[1]

Gustav listens to Armin's plan

Later, he comes in time with Pyxis to stop Eren Jaeger from being executed.[3] Pyxis creates a team to formulate a plan to recapture Trost, Gustav is included in that team. He later hears a plan from Armin and states all the risks. He tells Armin that if the central part of plan remains unknown, then it is like leading soldiers to their death.[4] He is later seen telling the commander about the soldiers who had been "lost" during their mission. Commander Pyxis replies that they had not died from being lost, but because he had ordered them to do so and would gladly accept punishment of a mass murderer if mission fails.[5]

Eve of the Counterattack arc

Gustav attends Eren Jaeger's trial along with Anka at Pyxis's side.[6]

Clash of the Titans arc

Gustav is accompanying Pyxis when the Vanguard reports back that there is no breach in Wall Rose, and informs them of Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover's true identities as the Armored and Colossal Titan.[7]

Royal Government arc

Gustav accompanies Pyxis while he talks to Erwin

After the military's uprising against the government, Gustav accompanies Pyxis when the commander informs Erwin of the nobles' claims that the monarchy possesses a power that will allow them to wipe out the populace's memories of the uprising.[8]

On the morning of the mission to retake Wall Maria, Gustav stands with Pyxis among the other Military leaders, saluting the Scout Regiment farewell before their expedition to Shiganshina District.[9]

Return to Shiganshina arc

Gustav attends the meeting to debrief the survivors of the mission to reclaim Wall Maria.[10]