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Halil (ハリル Hariru?)[1] was a boy who lived in a refugee camp in Marley with his older brother, Ramzi.


Halil was a young boy with a round face, dark hair, dark eyes, and a round nose. He wore a vest over a light, button-up shirt and long pants and he wore a fez atop his head.


Halil seemed to be more cautious and timid than his brother, begging Ramzi to stop stealing after his right hand was cut off because of it. Even so, he still seemed to be somewhat irrational when it came to money, trying to go back and retrieve Ramzi's money after Ramzi dropped it while fleeing from the Titans.


Marley arc

After a man saves Ramzi from a group of merchants, Halil's family invites the man and his friends to eat and drink with them inside their tent.[2]

War for Paradis arc

Sometime after Ramzi's hand is cut off for stealing, Ramzi shows Halil where he has been hiding the money that he has been stealing. Halil tries to convince Ramzi to stop, but Ramzi refuses to stop until he has stolen enough to get their family out of their village. As they talk, they notice a group of passersby fleeing the city, attempting to escape an army of Titans that has begun marching across Marley.

Halil is killed by debris

The two boys return to their village and flee with the rest of the villagers. As they are attempting to escape the Titans, Ramzi accidentally drops his money and Halil attempts to retrieve it. Ramzi tries to stop his brother from going back, but the two are both hit by falling debris from the nearby buildings; Halil is killed almost instantly when part of the debris sheers off the right side of his head.[3]


  • Halil shares a birthday with Gustav.