Hange Zoë (ハンジ・ゾエ Hanji Zoe?) is a Scout Regiment Section Commander.


Along with a mop of brown hair tied messily into a ponytail, Hange has light brown eyes and wears a pair of oval shaped glasses. However, on the battlefield she wears square goggles that are strapped to her head to keep them from falling off. She also wears the standard Scout Regiment uniform with a yellow shirt and, on missions, the green cape.


Hange is easily fascinated by the idea of obtaining knowledge, specifically the ever-evolving knowledge of Titans. Due to Hange's obsession with them, she takes things to extreme measures which not only puts her own self in danger, but even those around her. An example of this would be her assistant Moblit.


One day Hange was focused on her Titan studies, Moblit suddenly busted in her office and told her a Titan was nearby. Delighted, she decided to approach it with Moblit and does not listen to his warnings.

As they finally see the Titan, Hange tries to make it stay by touching his foot and talks to it. In response the Titan hits her, but Hange uses her ODM to climb it and keeps trying to communicate, hoping it could be somehow useful. Still ignoring Moblit's worry, Hange is interested in the Titan's teeth and come closer to its mouth. As Moblit wants to drag her back, they are both swallowed. In the Titan's stomach, Hange asks Moblit a plastic bag to get a sample of the gastric juice.[1]



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