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Hange Zoë (ハンジ・ゾエ Hanji Zoe?) is a 3rd year student at Attack Junior High School and a member of the Attack Junior High Scout Regiment.


Hange is usually seen wearing a red track suit, as is with the 3rd year students with a white tag on the front that has "Hange" on it, a white lab coat, and a pair of oval shaped glasses. Hange has light brown eyes and brown hair that is thrown up in a messy pony tail and is always paired with a non-fading grin.


Hange is very enthusiastic and fixated on studying Titans; namely Sawney and Beane, the Titans that caught and tied up. While Hange is a very smart individual, the Titan experiments take up all the money and allowance that comes their way.


Hange views the first-year entrance ceremony from inside a classroom.[1]

Hange's introduction

While Eren and his classmates find themselves in the Scout Regiment, Hange shows up with Titan nail clippings found in the trash earlier. After being introduced, Hange provides a way to call Levi to Eren by handing him a plastic bottle and ordering him to throw it in the trash of biodegradables.[2]

Hange is restrained

During the tests results day, Hange eagerly anticipates their results. Hange later cheerfully approaches Levi with Hange's test score and pleads to him for a treat in exchange. But as he shows Hange his score being two points higher, Hange dramatically changes into a poverty-stricken individual tricking Levi into pitying Hange. As he coldly ignores their plea, Hange comes to an idea of defaming his name in front of the first-years. A crazed Hange tries to leech off their underclassmen, but gets restrained.

When Eren asks about their poverty state, Hange starts by leading them to the biology club and subsequently, the introduction of their secretly kept captives, the Titans, Sawney, and Beane. Hange explains the expenses of their food causes Hange to go broke. Upon knowing the reason behind Hange neediness, Levi offers Hange a bag of dog food for the Titans. Hange points out his cold persona and eats the dog food instead.[3]

Hange wins using Sawney

Hange snatches the last yakisoba bread and flees while Hange is chased by Levi, who wants his money back for the bread. Later, when the first years talk back at Levi, he decides on teaching them a lesson, and Hange suggests they compete on the school's Sports Day games. Hange participants in the first game, the bun-eating race, and wins by using their Titan, Sawney, which lunges at the buns.

At the end of the game, Hange appears flying in a platform attached to a bunch of balloons, with Hange's two captured Titans holding a giant confetti ball. Frantically asking Levi from above if Hange can use it, Hange stumbles and falls down while holding the wire, releasing a sea of confetti on the playfield. Hange is later seen running from Levi while apologizing to him for the confetti mess.[4]

Hange speaks to the first years of the Scout Regiment about doing the test of courage because of them previously "picking a fight" with their upperclassmen the day before, and assigns them to two groups. The test is later revealed to be a prank.[5]

Hange follows their Titan, Sawney, in the forest and tells it not to wander around. After Levi finds a notebook on the ground, Hange has Sawney deliver it back to its owner. During the election for a new student council president, Hange mentions the notebook to the candidates, saying Hange heard it has everything about the school written on it, believing it could help whoever has it to win the election.[6]

In the Biology Club, Hange has their two captured Titans in the room and begins their experiment by repeatedly tickling them all over, and Sawney tries to bite Hange who comes closer to it. Laughing at the face Beane is making, Hange orders Moblit to sketch its face.[7]

Hange plays the guitar

Following the Titans stealing all of the festival food stands, Hange attends a meeting at the Scouts club room. When a group of first years venture into the principal's office and is surrounded by Titans, a disguised Hange, along with Levi and Miche forming a band start playing on a stage, attracting the Titans' attention.[8]


  • Levi - Hange enjoys sharing Titan data or knowledge with Levi, who explicitly shows that he is not interested. Regardless of his attitude towards these interests, Hange likes poking fun at him and getting a reaction, but Levi ends up besting his companion more often than not.
  • Moblit - Hange does not heed to any of Moblit's warnings regarding their reckless behavior when around their captive Titans. As theirr assistant and underclassman, Hange mostly tasks Moblit with errands.


  • Just as with the main manga and the main anime, the manga's author, Hajime Isayama, has left Hange's gender open to interpretation as he told his editor that 'either one is fine'[9] and instructed Kodansha Comics not to confirm any gender in their translation.[10] Since then, Kodansha has removed gendered pronouns for Hange in their translation and clarified that indeed, Hange's gender is up to the reader's interpretation.[11]
    • Additionally, Hange's voice actress Romi Park has stated that she has been instructed not to consider Hange's gender when performing the character.[12]