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Hange Zoë (ハンジ・ゾエ Hanji Zoë?) is a 3rd year student at Attack Junior High School and a member of the Attack Jr. High Survey Club.


Hange has an average build and is seen to be a bit taller than a general 3rd-year student. Instead of a standard uniform, they wear a dark red tracksuit with matching pants and a sweater, although sometimes the sweater is replaced with a dark red short sleeved shirt. Hange also wears the white shoes worn by all students at the school. Along with oval glasses, Hange has dark gray eyes and dark, near black, brown hair that is parted down the middle with shaggy bangs and is always tied up in a messy ponytail.


Hange is an eccentric person who puts all available energy into every project. Their passion for the Titans is what drives the biology club's actions and experiments forward with energy and devotion. On top of being passionate, Hange is very friendly and often times overwhelms any surrounding friends with sudden bursts of energy and nonsense. Hange is particularly devious and energetic around Levi, who has been a childhood friend to them and close club member for years.

Despite their friendly nature, Hange is often stubborn in their actions and steadfast in their resolve. Due to overspending money almost exclusively on equipment, Hange is seen suffering from severe hunger pangs, often asking others for food money; they can also become short-tempered when deprived of food for several days.[1] It is also argued that Hange is a hoarder, unable (or unwilling) to throw away garbage that has accumulated in their room at the student dormitory on campus.[2]


Hange shows off their Titan obsession with a jar of their toenail clippings

Hange is first seen returning back from an expedition with Mike and Levi, their fellow Survey Club leaders. They're surprised to see so many first year students and is excited to hear they all wish to join the Survey Club. They immediately agrees to their request and then shows off several items they discovered on the expedition, including a jar of toenail clippings taken from Titan students; expecting them to share their excitement, Hange is surprised when all of the other students become disgusted at the sight of them.[3] As the new students begin to sign their club forms, Hange reminds them that the club is secret and therefore will not be accepted; they points out that all the other members are parts of other clubs all over campus and recommends they do the same.[4]

They later encounters many of the first year students on the way to participate in the "Wall Beautification Club" and informs them they're part of the Biology Club. Hange tells them they must do a good job of performing their duties before engaging in activities for the Survey Club; otherwise, Levi will administer punishment to them. As the others question this, Hange departs and wishes them luck on their first day.[5] Dismayed that the enrollment numbers for the Biology Club have dwindled, Hange tries to trick Eren, Mikasa and Armin in joining but is swiftly rejected by Mikasa.[6]

Hange tries to persuade Levi for food money

Later while many of their classmates are comparing test scores, Hange proposes to Levi they see who got the better score; Levi refuses, knowing that Hange is looking for an excuse to get money from him. Hange storms out and takes their frustration out by beating both Eren and Jean and then body-slamming Armin. After revealing that they have spent all their money on equipment for the Biology Club, Hange is given a little bit of money from Levi and told to pay it back on the soon side; Hange promptly spends it on more equipment and begs Levi for more money, much to the latter's frustration.[7] Eventually Hange decides to repay Levi and hands him a wad of Titan belly button lint; this irritates Levi and orders her to get it away from him.[8]

As Sasha runs toward the school store to get her hands on the popular sweet bean bun, Hange snatches it from the front of her eyes claiming that the first year students are ineligible to have them. This is one of the many factors that cause Eren to later challenge Levi and the upperclassmen; after Levi agrees to the challenge, Hange reveals that the losing team must dance with the Titan students at the upcoming dance at the school.[9]

Hange easily dominates Sasha in the bun eating race

Hange prepares themself for the bun eating race by starving herself until the day of the event. Going up against Sasha, Hange easily wins much to the shock of the first year students.[10] The upperclassmen are eventually able to win the challenge, but remark how well the first year students performed and gain their respect. Hange and the rest of the Survey Club later attend an overnight trip with the club's advisor Mr. Smith and learn that despite his benevolent nature, he has a deep seeded hatred for the Titan students and wishes to eliminate them from the school grounds.[11]

Hange tells everyone about Mike's strong sense of smell

As the annual summer festival arrives, Hange is invited by Petra, Oluo, Eld and Gunther to go with them as part of a group; Hange bristles at the idea and flatly refuses the offer, stating that they are instead going on a bug collecting expedition with Mike and herself. Hange refuses to acknowledge their protests and strong-arms them into coming.[12] Hange tries to offer various incentives to stay, but to no avail. As the others continue to complain about missing out on the festival, Mike uses his heightened sense of smell and discovers a large scarab beetle; Hange proudly proclaims they were able to find roughly twenty bugs the previous year with Mike's help. This drives the others to join in too and soon they find a large assortment of bugs and insects. Hange becomes worried when Mike discovers a man-made smell that throws off his sense of direction;[13] due to him being their way of getting back out, they are essentially lost in the forest. After finding the source of the smell, a bowl of grilled eel, Hange immediately devours it due to not having anything to eat the last few days.[14] Venturing further into the forest, the group discovers a serving of curry and Hange consumes it as well; Hange then becomes sleepy due to the food consumed and promptly falls asleep. Later, they're woken up and amazed by the other's explanation about Mike's resistance to eat food and how he rejoined the Cooking Club; they start to panic after hearing Mike left with both Nanaba and Gelgar, but Petra's father arrives and leads them out of the forest.

Later during the summer, Hange creates several traps around the student dormitories to ward off burglars. They come back one day to find Sasha, Jean and Connie stuck in several of them.[15] They explain how while much of it would seem like garbage, they are actually valuable to her; Sasha goes on to say that Levi has thrown it all out and was taken by the garbage truck just moments earlier, much to Hange's horror.[16]


  • Levi - Hange has a fairly good relationship with the other co-leaders of the Survey Club. They're known to be very good friends with Levi; despite usually harassing him for money, Hange truly values him as a friend.
  • Mike - Similar to their relationship with Levi, Hange has an equally good relationship with Mike. They value Mike's heightened sense of smell and is usually seen with him when participating in Survey Club activities.