Hange Zoë (ハンジ・ゾエ Hanji Zoe?) is a high standing veteran member of the Survey Corps.


Hange has wide, light brown eyes and medium-length dark brown hair that is often kept tied up in an unkempt high pony tail with bangs parted down the middle. As a constantly busy person, Hange's hair is thrown up very quickly and is usually oily and unclean.[4] Hange wears square, thick-rimmed glasses that have bands strapped around the head to keep them from dislodging during combat; but when out of combat they are replaced with thin oval shaped glasses. For clothes, Hange is often seen wearing the normal Survey Corps uniform with a white button-up shirt underneath and on missions or business, the traditional green Survey Corps cloak is included.


To most people, Hange appears as an energetic and quirky soldier with a very unique way of conducting oneself. Hange shows a huge margin of curiosity for Levi's technique after witnessing him take down an Abnormal Titan while also demonstrating great social skills, easily befriending Isabel Magnolia by giving her candy.[5]


Attack on Titan: No Regrets

Hange and Levi meet

Hange meets Levi

Hange is present among the crowd when Keith Shadis introduces Levi, Isabel Magnolia and Furlan Church to the rest of the Survey Corps members.[6]

During the outside expedition, Hange enthusiastically approaches the trio to congratulate them for successfully killing an Abnormal Titan during their mission earlier that day. After being self-introduced, Hange asks Levi about his vertical maneuvering equipment skills, emphasizing how many soldiers are curious about his technique. As a sign of good faith, Hange offers Isabel some treats and, after being denied the VME information, happily waves goodbye to the trio and leaves.[7]


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