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Hanna Diament (ハンナ・ディアマント Hanna Diamanto?) is a 1st year student at Attack Junior High School.


Hanna is a young girl with short auburn hair tied into a ponytail. She has hazel-colored eyes, and is usually seen with a smile on her face. Much like the other girls in Attack Junior High School, Hanna wears a yellow school blazer accompanied by a blue bow and a dark blue skirt.


Hanna is innocent and loving towards Franz, but is not willing to admit that to her classmates. She is helpful, kind, and she appears to get along with most people.


Hanna arrives at Attack Junior High School and is part of class 1-4. She attends the first years' entrance ceremony, and is later carried by Franz when Titans invade the area.[1]

Hanna and Franz are embarrassed

Hanna participates in the school's dodgeball tournament on Jean's team.[2]

Hanna and Franz are embarrassed by Jean calling them a couple and deny the relation.[3]

Following a challenge by the upperclassmen, Hanna participates in the school's Sports Day games.[4]

During recess, Hanna shares some of her food with Franz.[5]

Hanna and Mina prep Armin

In the school's 104th festival, Hanna helps at Eren's cheeseburgers stand. She, along with Mina, prep Armin to be their salesperson. When Franz blushes at how Armin looks in his getup, Hanna shoves him for it. She is later carried by Franz when Titans appear and steal all of the food stands.[6]

When teachers get in the way of Eren trying to head to the Titans' building to retrieve his chee-burgs, Hanna, along with her classmates stand up for him and come between them. She later watches Ilse Langnar's broadcast of Eren and the others venturing into the principal's office, and cheers once Eren manages to retrieve a chee-burg.[7]


  • Franz Kefka - Hanna and Franz are not willing to admit their relationship to the public. Hanna treats Franz as her boyfriend, as the two of them often share hugs during school time.