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Hannah Diamant (ハンナ・ディアマント Hanna Diamanto?) was a member of the 104th Training Corps and fought in the battle of Trost District.


Hannah was a short girl with a small build. She had long light hair tied back with a hair tie, and freckles on her cheeks. She wore the typical uniform of the 104th Training Corps.


Hannah was a bright, cheerful girl, shown when she happily agreed with Franz Kefka that hopefully the Titans would not return.[2] However, she appeared very shaken when Trost District fell as she accepted comfort from Franz.[3] She became very frantic and delusional when Franz died and she constantly attempted to resuscitate him with CPR despite him being torn in half.[4]


104th Training Corps arc

Hannah is first introduced as a newly-graduated member of the 104th Training Corps. During the night of graduation party, Franz and her attempt to calm Jean, who was fighting with Eren.[5]

Hannah and Franz are embarrassed by Eren's assumption

They later join him for a walk in Trost District. Hannah mentions that everyone has cheered up since the fall of Wall Maria. Franz then states that hopefully the Titans will not come back due to the reinforced cannons and Hannah happily agrees. In response, Eren teases them about being a couple. Both blush in embarrassment and deny being in a relationship.[2]

Battle of Trost District arc

Hannah hopelessly tries to resuscitate Franz

When Wall Rose is attacked and their squad is ordered into battle, Franz is seen comforting Hannah and swears to protect her, before going to face the Titans.[3]

Hannah is later encountered by Armin Arlert shortly after the loss of his squad. He finds her out in the open, frantically attempting to revive Franz with CPR. Though he attempts to make her realize that Franz has been torn in half and cannot be saved, she ignores him and continues her futile efforts.[4]

She would later die at some point during the battle.[1]