Hannes (ハンネス Hannesu?)[1] is a Garrison soldier and a friend of Dr. Yeager.


Hannes is a tall, well-built man with short blond hair, and a thin dark mustache. He wears the typical uniform of the Garrison Regiment along with a v-neck shirt underneath.


He is a kind and friendly person, willing to help others.


Lost in the Cruel World arc

After Eren Yeager returned home with bruises and refused to tell his parents what happened to him, his father Dr. Yeager asked Hannes to look into the case.[2] A few weeks later, Hannes and other members of the Garrison used eyewitness testimonies to identify the two men who attacked Eren. They found the two men and tried to talk to them but the two ran off towards a main street and ended up in a carriage accident that killed them both. Hannes then reported to Dr. Yeager with sketches of the men and explained what happened.[3]


  • Yeager - Hannes is a friend of Dr. Yeager. Hannes helps Dr. Yeager find two men that beat up his son.[2]



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