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Hans (ハンジ Hanji?) is the Commander of the Scout Regiment in the live-action films Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 1 and Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 2; as well as in the web miniseries Attack on Titan: Hangeki No Noroshi. She is the live-action counterpart of Hange Zoë from the original Attack on Titan manga. She is portrayed by Satomi Ishihara.


Hans has long hair that she keeps pulled back into a ponytail. She wears the standard Scout Regiment uniform, and square, thick-rimmed glasses that have bands going around her head to keep them from falling off during combat.


Hans is a rather obsessive, yet dedicated soldier. She is devoted to spending her time researching the unknown, specifically Titans. She acts fearless and as a result, sometimes makes rash decisions.


Attack on Titan: Hangeki No Noroshi

Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 1

Two years after the Colossal Titan's breach of the outer wall, Hans is among the military commanders who are tasked with leading a mission to reseal the wall. As Kubal briefs the military's new recruits on their mission, Hans is tasked with giving the recruits a demonstration of the newly designed omni-directional mobility gear. After accidentally firing the anchors of the gear into the crowd during the demonstration, Hans informs the soldiers that they will be meeting up with Captain Shikishima's squad in Omotemachi while on the way to Monzen.

During mealtime, two of the recruits get into a fight, which Hans interrupts in order to give them additional information about Titan biology, before ordering them to report for a gear inspection.

As the weapons squad is departing, Hans tells the recruits why they are traveling during the night, explaining that the Titans are less active in the dark than they are during the day. However, she cautions them to stay quiet during the trip, as noise could still wake them up from their slumber.

The convoy stops while en route to Omotemachi when Yunohira hears movement nearby. The soldiers only find cattle, but Titans are soon attracted to their position. Kubal orders the convoy to move on without the recruits, and Hans orders the recruits to follow on foot and try to make it to the city alive.

After arriving in Omotemachi, Kubal leads Hans and Shikishima into one of the buildings, explaining that the military's explosives were hidden due to reports of an insurgency within the military's ranks. He reveals the explosives were hidden under a hidden trapdoor, and Hans is delighted to get a chance to inspect how it operates.

The city comes under attack by Titans, and Hans alerts the soldiers about their invasion. In the ensuing chaos, the truck carrying the military's explosives is hijacked, and Hans tries to alert the others. However, the explosives in the truck are ignited, causing it to detonate, to Hans's despair.

Kubal and his forces retreat, leaving Hans and her soldiers stranded. They take refuge atop a tall building, but are left with no way to escape. They are rescued, however, by the arrival of a Mysterious Titan which begins to kill the remaining Titans. Hans recognizes its fighting abilities as a sign of advanced intelligence. Once the Titan has worn itself out, it collapses, and on Souda's orders, Hans carves open the Titan's nape, revealing Eren to be inside. As he is removed, Hans theorizes that his presence it the Titan's nape might be a clue as to why Titans' napes are their only weak points.

Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 2

After Kubal learns of Eren's ability, he has the boy restrained for questioning. Hans and her soldiers stand by and watch Eren's interrogation, with Hans trying to defend Eren by pointing out that he fought against other Titans to defend them. Kubal is not convinced by any arguments in Eren's favor, but before he can have Eren executed an armor-plated Titan bursts into the room. Hans tries to stop the Military Police from firing at it, but to no avail. Upon seeing the Titan going to Eren, Hans orders her troops to protect him, but they are unsuccessful.

In the aftermath of the confrontation, Hans and the survivors find that they have very little supplies left, and will need to use the missile in Monzen if they still plan to seal the wall.

On their way to Monzen, Hans and her soldiers are reunited with Shikishima and his forces, as well as Eren. Hans is awed by the amount of firepower Shikishima's forces possess, and with his permission, enters his tank to inspect the inside of it. Safely inside the tank, Hans is left unaware when her soldiers come to blows with Shikishima's forces, and only survives the resulting building that is dropped on them thanks to the tank. As she climbs from the rubble, she takes an RPG off of one of the corpses and proceeds to the wall.

She arrives at the Wall to find her soldiers engage with the Colossal Titan, and uses the RPG to shoot it in the jaw. With Shikishima's help, they manage to slay the Titan, and set off the missile, resealing the wall.


  • Contrary to the original manga where she is a Squad Leader, Hans is the Commander of the Scout Regiment in the movies' continuity, taking the place of Erwin Smith.
  • In the web series, she had help from a member of the Military Police to study the Titans she captured (just like how Hange studied Titans, such as Sonny and Bean). However, after an incident in which both of the Titans were forced to be killed, she was the one who invented the omni-directional gear.



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