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This article is about Rita Iglehaut's father. For the Survey Corps soldier, see Henning.

Henning Iglehaut (へニング・イグレハト Heningu Igurehato?) was an apothecary of Quinta District and the adoptive father of Rita Iglehaut in the novel series Attack on Titan: The Harsh Mistress of the City.[1]


Henning was a tall man with wavy, medium-length brown hair and a short beard. He wore light garments and sashes, and he needed a pair of spectacles.


Before the fall of Wall Maria, Henning Iglehaut was an apothecary of Quinta District in the west of Wall Maria. Unbeknownst to some, he also willingly distributed poisonous substances for those who wished to commit suicide. At some point, he adopted the girl Rita Iglehaut, whose mother had died in the Survey Corps beyond the Walls and whose father had committed suicide with Henning's own poison. He often did business with the merchant Kramer family in Wall Rose, visiting Fuerth District. He once brought Rita with him to Fuerth, where she was introduced to Mathias Kramer.[1]


Rita executes Henning

Rita Iglehaut sentences her father to death

After Rita becomes the interim commander of the Garrison in Quinta District, she decides that it is necessary to execute her father with a Titan the Garrison captured some months after Wall Maria's fall. Henning is fed to the Titan among other criminals of the district. Before his death, he admits that he does not regret his actions in assisting the suicides of sixteen men and women of Quinta throughout the years, believing that others deserve a way out if they want it.[2]