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Her Determination (覚悟の少女 Kakugo no Shōjo?) is the 2nd chapter of the 1st volume and the 2nd chapter overall of the Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga, written by Ryō Suzukaze and illustrated by Satoshi Shiki.


Dario Inocencio buys Kuklo as a slave. A while later, Kuklo sits in a cell at the bottom of the Inocencio's estate. He is given to Xavi, who will abuse him on a daily basis as a form of preparation for when he joins the Military. That night, Sharle lies in her bed clutching her knife to her chest, scared of Kuklo's presence.

The Inocencio family travel up Wall Maria, where Sharle shows interest to the outside world. Xavi spots a Titan and Sharle deduces that they should not be allowed to live. She is determined to kill Kuklo because of his identity as the Titan's Son.


Xavi abuses Kuklo

Inside Wall Sheena, Dario Inocencio approaches an unknown old man about buying Kuklo, the alleged son of the Titan. Dario, at first, does not see anything unusual about Kuklo, and says he looks just like an average boy. The old man responds by saying that he is indeed the boy born from a Titan's filth. He also mentions another man, who he describes as a "gloomy man dressed in black rags" who supposedly needed to have the boy. Kuklo is then transported to the Inocencio family's mansion under the supervision of the old man. 

Later, he is seen confined in a room in the mansion. Xavi Inocencio opens the door to Kuklo's cell, asking if he is really a Titan. Dario warns him not to get too close, and Xavi retorts by pointing out that he is chained up. Dario states that Xavi will one day be head of the Military, and that buying Kuklo was an investment towards that goal. Xavi kicks Kuklo in the face, and he falls to his side, bleeding.

Sharle is uneasy due to the "Titan's Son"'s presence in her home

Xavi says that Kuklo is a weakling, even too weak for a beating, as he cannot fight back. Kuklo slowly repeats the words "fight back" to himself, as he prepares to get in a fighting position. However, Xavi punches him again, and Kuklo still does not fight back. Xavi mentions how Titans eat humans, and asks him if humans taste good, before jumping at him and biting his shoulder. He questions if he went too far, then leaves an already eaten apple for Kuklo to eat himself. Meanwhile, Sharle Inocencio expresses fear of a Titan living in their house, and her desire to see the outside world.

The Inocencio family heads to the top of Wall Maria, Xavi being the first one to the top. As Sharle sees the world beyond the Walls, she expresses disappointment, as it is just an empty wasteland. Xavi spots a Titan nearby, and Sharle is incredibly afraid, stating her intentions of being the one who kills the son of the Titan.

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