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Hiana (ヒアナ Hiana?) was a new recruit for the Scout Regiment in the live-action film Attack on Titan. She was portrayed by Ayame Misaki.


Hiana was a young woman with black hair, held in a ponytail that flows past her shoulders. She sported bangs that were parted to the right and cascaded down the sides of her face.


Hiana appeared to care very much about her daughter, as she joined the Scout Regiment as a way to obtain child support and was saddened when she was taken away. She was curious, running away from the squad to find the source of a cry she assumed was a baby. She appeared to have had a crush on Eren as she attempted to seduce him prior to her death.


Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 1

Hiana joined the Scout Regiment as a way to obtain child support and first appears as a new recruit. She says goodbye to her daughter, and the two are separated. When the Scouts move out to Omatechi, she hears a cry and assumes it to be a baby. She wanders off, Eren accompanying her, and they discover the cry to be of an infant-like Titan. When it fails to grab them, it lets out a scream which alerts nearby Titans of their position.

Later, Hiana finds Eren screaming after he talked to Mikasa and Shikishima. She silences him and jokingly asks him if he was trying to summon the Titans. Eren apologizes but she says she should be the one apologizing. She takes him to an abandoned building to hide in for the night. She asks about what happened between him and Mikasa, and jokes that Eren acts like a little kid when he does not respond.

When Lil and Fukushi are being publically intimate near them, Eren wonders if they will marry, but Hiana says that it is not right and they need to seek permission to marry. Hiana says the reason she joined the Scout Regiment was because she would be provided with child support. She attempts to seduce him, but as she tries to, a Titan breaks through and grabs Hiana, swallowing her whole. In her dying moments, she utters her daughter's name, Riko. She later dies inside the Titan's stomach after exposure to digestive acids and overwhelming heat.

After Eren is swallowed by a Titan, he finds Hiana's dead body in its stomach and her face mutilated from the stomach acids, making Eren realize the same will happen to him when his hand starts to burn up. He is angered and horrified, vowing to kill them all. This awakens his power of the Titans and allows him to burst out of the body of the Titan, exploding and killing it, avenging Hiana.


  • Eren - The two appeared to be on good terms, as Eren kept it a secret that she was the one who alerted Titans to their positions and when Eren was eaten, he was horrified to find her corpse. She appeared to have had a crush on him, as she attempted to seduce him prior to her death.
  • Riko - She appeared to love her daughter, joining the Military to provide for her. When it was time to say goodbye, she was upset when she was taken away. Before she was eaten, Hiana called out to her daughter.


  • She was one of the few original characters new to the movie, not being a replacement for any manga character, the other being Sannagi.
    • However, she could be a replacement for a female soldier swallowed by the Titan who ate Eren, who called out to her mother before sinking into stomach acid,[citation needed] which helped Eren unlock his Titan abilities by remembering his mother, who was a victim of the Smiling Titan.



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