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This high-ranking man from the Wall Religion (ウォール教上層部の男 Wōru-kyō Jōsō-bu no Otoko?)[1] is a former member of the King Fritz's assembly. After a successful uprising led by Survey Corps Commander Erwin Smith, this minister joins General Darius Zackly's new military council.


He is a middle-aged man with an elongated face and nose, short light hair, and medium-length scraggly facial hair. He wears the robes of the Church of the Walls and previously dressed in jail attire during his temporary imprisonment.


He is a selfish man, and values his welfare over the interest of all other civilians within the Walls. As part of the council, he was prepared to disband the Survey Corps, under false pretenses, purely to secure his own position. He displays a level of cunning by saying that he is acting in the interests of the people, however, this is uncovered as false when he prepared to shut out the people of Wall Rose, and even shudders at the thought of refugees entering Wall Sheena.


The Female Titan arc

After the Survey Corps' operation to capture the Female Titan in Stohess District, which led to a high number of casualties and devastation, this official and Minister Nick are called into a meeting with the mayor to discuss the damage.[2]

Royal Government arc

The official is one of four assemblymen with King Fritz who oversees Erwin Smith's trial for committing treason, which will decide whether or not the Survey Corps is disbanded.

When word is brought that Wall Rose has been breached by the Colossus and Armored Titans, he and his fellow nobles order that refugees not be allowed into Wall Sheena. As they discuss the likelihood of Rod Reiss obtaining the Coordinate from Eren Yeager in the next few days, they are interrupted by the arrival of Darius Zackly, who reveals with Dot Pixis that the report of Wall Rose being breached was falsified to test how they would react to the crisis, and determine whether or not they are fit to lead.[3]

For unknown reasons, while his fellow assemblymen were arrested and imprisoned, this official was allowed to go free, and continued to serve on the new assembly under Historia Reiss.[4]