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This high-ranking merchant (商会上層部の男 Shōkai Jōsō-bu no Otoko?)[1] is a former member of the King Fritz's assembly. After a successful uprising led by Survey Corps commander Erwin Smith, he is imprisoned by the Military.


He is a man with short side-swept black hair, and a clean-shaven face with bright colored eyes. As an aristocrat, he wore a black suit over a white shirt and cravat. After his imprisonment, he wears typical jail attire.


The company aristocrat is a selfish man, putting his own personal gain over the welfare of the Walls' citizens. He, along with the rest of the council, prepare to disband the Survey Corps, and execute its commander, for his own personal interest. The company aristocrat creates a pretense that disbanding the Survey Corps would be in the interest of the people, however this claim is shattered by the ruse that Wall Rose has been breached. He agrees to shutting out the citizens of Wall Rose, showing that he acts in his own interest, not the people's.[2]


Royal Government arc

The company official is part of the Royal Government. He attends Erwin Smith's audience with King Fritz to discuss the fate of the Survey Corps. When Erwin defends the need for his branch of the military the official remarks about how Levi refuses to surrender and uses force rather than talk. The official declares him a threat to the peace.[3]

When Anka interrupts the audience to announce the breach of Wall Rose, he quickly converses with his fellow assembly members, expressing concern that allowing refugees inside with create new enemies. He and the other leaders then discuss how there is a silver lining in that they will soon obtain "it." However, Nile Dok, Dot Pixis, and Darius Zackly switch allegiances due to Pixis' ruse about Wall Rose being breached. He along with the other officials are arrested.[4]