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This high-ranking military official (兵団上層部の男 Heidan Jōsō-bu no Otoko?)[1] is a former member of the King Fritz's assembly. After a successful uprising led by Survey Corps commander Erwin Smith, he is imprisoned by the military.


He is a middle-aged man with short, blond hair kept straight, and a long jawline. He has a few wrinkles on his face, a thin mustache, and sunken looking bright eyes. He previously dressed in the uniform of the military, and also wore a bolo tie, signifying his high official rank.


The military aristocrat is a selfish man, who values his own interest over that of the citizens of the Walls. As part of the ruling council, he was prepared to disband the Survey Corps, under false pretenses, to further secure his own position in ruling. When Dot Pixis states that he finds killing humans to be madness, the aristocrat laughs at this notion, displaying his disregard for others in the process.[2]


Royal Government arc

This official is one of the four assemblymen seen alongside King Fritz during Erwin Smith's audience with the king to discuss the fate of the Survey Corps. He questions Dot Pixis about his potential involvement. After hearing Pixis' remark about saving their hatred for the Titans, he laughs and apologizes, saying that they certainly would not want another breach.[3]

When Anka announces that Wall Rose has been breached by Titans, he and the other assemblymen gather and quickly agree to close off the gates to prevent refugees from entering. As the assemblymen discuss the Reiss family obtaining "it" in a few days, they are interrupted by Darius Zackly who reveals the news of an attack was a ruse and declares them unfit to lead. The official is then arrested and removed from power.[4]