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Hilde Gartner was the author of the Illustrated Guide to the Glorious Walled Cities, appearing in the story with the same name, the third short story of the Attack on Titan Anthology.


Hilde had brown eyes and hair tied in a ponytail.


Hilde was an enthusiastic and curious woman who liked to travel, seeing it as an adventure and wishing to transmit her findings to her readers. The censure she underwent annoyed her.


As a child, Hilde lived in Merseburg, a place in the western plain of Wall Maria.[1] One day, she went to Wall Maria to celebrate the seventy fifth year of safety within the Walls.[2]

Years later, as an adult, she traveled all around the Walls and later began to write the Illustrated Guide to the Glorious Walled Cities. Hilde had to deal with Royal Government censure, like with her work on Utgard Castle,[3] her notes on the roads[4] or the Stohess District university.[5] Her editor, Paul Bergen, eventually showed her Wall Sheena and Hilde saw a Titan foot in a breach of the Wall, reporting it in her notes. This discovery led to her death.[6]